Monday, November 21, 2016


    As regular readers here know, we have no especial admiration for Manosphere blogger Mike Cernovich. But today, Cernovich published an article which, in fairness, we have to applaud. On his blog, Danger and Play, Cernovich raises some interesting questions about Nazi Richard Spencer.

    Given Cernovich's writing style, the article reads more like an opinion piece than an in-depth analysis, but he makes his point nonetheless. Richard Spencer, shady head of The National Policy Institute and various assorted Neo-Nazi front-organizations, gave an exclusive press conference today for the Corporate Media outlet, The Atlantic. The Atlantic is owned by Wall Street multimillionaire David G. Bradley---a self-described Neocon who supported both Obama and Hilary Clinton and who is a well-known Beltway insider.

     Now Spencer invited over 100 Corporate Media to the conference according to Cernovich. Spencer and his henchmen were recorded on video giving Nazi salutes to Trump; which The Atlantic is already spinning for political capital. Cernovich asks the very pertinent question: How much of this is controlled opposition?

      Good question. It's been a long-standing question how many of these Neo-Nazi and Manosphere get their funding and media when so few have seem to no visible means of support. If we learned anything from this last election cycle, it is that the Left is utterly ruthless and unscrupulous in employing controlled opposition. Cernovich is probably one of the more media-savvy of the Red Pills, and his instincts are certainly attuned to a paradoxes here that don't add up.

     And Richard Spencer's character is not one that is above suspicion, by any means. Spencer became an outspoken enemy of Conservatism after being fired from The American Conservative for his radical views in 2007. In 2014. he was arrested and deported from Hungary as a subversive and an undesirable alien. It should also be noted that Corporate Media mogul William Regnery founded the National Policy Institute---hence the apparent ties to Big Media.

      The 150+ commenters to Cernovich's article denounce Cernovich as a Jew, a sellout, and a 'Cuckservative' which in itself is telling.

      So is Mike Cernovich an opportunist who sees the way the political winds are blowing; or have the 'scales fallen from his eyes' and he's seen the Red Pill/White Nationalist tribe for what they really are? Time will tell, but we hope it's the latter. There'll be a spot for Danger and Play on our blogroll if Cernovich has truly seen the light.


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