Tuesday, November 22, 2016


    Less than 24 hours after President-Elect Donald Trump sent arrogant representatives of the US Corporate Media from Trump Tower in humiliated shame, he turned his attention to the so-called 'Alternative Media'. This weekend's outburst of anti-American, pro-Nazi behavior at Richard Spencer's National Policy Institute led Trump to address this situation, which has been an irritant to his entire campaign.

     "Of course I disavow and condemn them." Trump stated to the humbled press, "It's not a group I want to energize. And if they are energized, I want to find out why."

     The last phrase---which has the ominous suggestion of potential official investigation--- has the Manosphere Red Pill Cult and their Nazi Allies feeling the pinch, to say the least. Spencer's downfall has taken two prominent Red Pills---Steve Sailer and Jack Donovan---down along with him. Sailer and Donovan both are writers for Spencer's various publications. Donovan, a homosexual and former ordained minister in the Church of Satan, is also a member of a neo-pagan White Supremacist cult called The Wolves of Vinland

      Mike Cernovich, as we mentioned yesterday, actually disavowed Spencer even before Trump. To his credit, he isn't backing down, despite a barrage of Red Pill and Nazi attacks. Apparently, angry Manospherians are even going so far as to troll his book reviews on Amazon and downvote them---such are the fanatics he dealt with. But hopefully, Cernovich is now seeing their true colors. 

     Vox Day, in contrast, is encouraging his disciples to go their safe spaces, to Manosphere echo-chambers like Gab. Vox' articles are sounding increasingly desperate, as his fantasies of Trump as God-Emperor who ethnically cleanses America and reduces women to sexual chattel are receding before reality. Vox claimed today that Trump's "approval or disapproval of them is irrelevant," and tried to claim Politico's firing of a writer who doxxed Spencer as some great victory. His confederate, Andrew Anglin of the Nazi blog The Daily Stormer tried to brush off Trump's disavowal as media pandering. 

     But there's no doubt now that the Red Pills and their Nazi camp-followers are running scared. Real America may have spoken by electing Trump; but the realization is dawning on the Far Right that aren't part of Real America after all.




  1. "Real America may have spoken by electing Trump; but the realization is dawning on the Far Right that aren't part of Real America after all."

    LOL! Well said.

    I'm always trying to explain to people that "on election night half the country's hopes and dreams die. For the other half, it takes about six weeks longer." That golden rule never fails.

    1. Thank you, yes I'm really relieved to see Trump backing away from these guys. Mike Cernovich has been the only Red Piller to disavow them too. It's hard to say whether he's acting from principle or opportunism (or both). But he's at the center of one of the worst troll attacks I've ever seen. There are around a thousand comments on his two blog posts alone---almost all negative and extremely vicious; and apparently even worse on Twitter and his other sites.

      It's hard to feel sorry for him, considering how much trolling he's done or instigated himself; but at least he's standing up to them and showing he can take what he's dished out. Overall, though, I think that Trump's statement---right after standing up to the Corporate Media which has been promoting these extremists to discredit him---is going to push them back into the margins. There's already some push-back against the Red Pills and the Neo-Nazis in social media, and it's coming from the political Right too.