Thursday, November 24, 2016


   This holiday season is starting out as a very joyless one for certain segments of the Prozac Nation. When legal technicalities like Constitutional Law and Democratic Elections get in the way, some Americans seem to be experiencing a complete mental breakdown. Crashing the Canadian Immigration Service's website on Election Night was just the start. Now, hysterical Ameroboobs are running wild; wearing diaper pins, burning flags, and 'occupying' public bathrooms. Trying to manipulate/abolish the Electoral College. Demanding bogus vote recounts. Calling for national labor strikes. Making online threats against Trump and his supporters. Seriously talking about Secession. All of this is complete nonsense, and another national embarrassment---brought to us courtesy of the 'elite' Left.

     Now, the day before the Holiday Season, the Left is advocating outright censorship. The European Union---a gang of Obama Administration/Clinton Foundation/George Soros shills---passed a resolution condemning Russian media outlets for allegedly interfering with the US Election; even going so far as to equate them with ISIS propaganda. This resolution was non-binding and totally symbolic, of course. The Obama Administration has had a long history of floating controversial subjects through the EU or UN.

       There is a big push going on in the Corporate Media, not only to suppress foreign news, but using the Government to crackdown on so-called 'Fake News Sites.' They are also pressuring Facebook, Google, and Youtube (which is owned by Google) to shut down access to such sites. The Corporate Media is even circulating a list of targeted sites---every one of which is, of course, an openly Conservative sites. This list was devised by an obscure Professor of Communications at Merrimack College named Melissa Zimdars, a self-described 'Feminist Activist' whose boasted specialty seems to center on Fat-Shaming in the media.

      Merrimack College is located in Massachusetts. It is a nominally Catholic school, once run by the Augustinians. Like many American parochial schools, however, they found the Federal Trough a more lucrative source of revenue than stipends from the Vatican; and that surrendering Catholic values for political correctness enhanced their popularity among the Cultural Elites. Merrimack's website boasts itself in "the Augustinian Tradition" which is a bit ironic considering that Augustinian friars take a Vow of Poverty. The tradition hardly seems to square with Merrimack's $37,000 annual tuition.

      A Wikipedia list of Merrimack's 28 most notable alumni consists of 13 professional hockey players; 2 professional football players; 2 professional baseball players; 1 professional lacrosse player; the Director of the Boston Marathon; an actor; and 2 professional band members. The others were minor politicians and writers. Such is the scope and depth of what the Corporate Media considers a national-policy setting institution.

     As for Professor Zimdars herself, she has only been employed at Merrimack a little more than a year; having graduated from the University of Iowa in 2014.

      Sputnik News interviewed a real academic, Dr. Matthew Dal Santo of the University of Copenhagen.

     "There is already an impression in many circles that the mainstream (American) press is selective in its choices of stories to report and in choice of terms to frame them." Professor Dal Santo said, "How will the reportage of fact be sifted from opinion? And what of cases where the truth simply isn't known? It would be very concerning if powerful individuals such as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who is worth $51 billion had the power to choose which websites to suppress. These aren't questions I would like to leave in the hands of Mr. Zuckerberg."

     Dr. Dal Santo held up Election coverage as a prime example. "Most people expect the press to observe basic ethical standards regarding the truthfulness of its reporting. But numerous critics have pointed out the Corporate Media's biased coverage, complete with half-truths, fake polls, and other unethical approaches to journalism. This has resulted in a huge shift towards alternative, independent, and foreign media."

     Not to mention that many journalists and Corporate Media outlets were donors to the Clinton Machine; and many of their parent-companies on Wall Street were given hefty government contracts through Clinton's influence.

     It's sad that Massachusetts, a state originally founded by British refugees seeking liberty of conscience should be the epicenter of so much recent Anti-Democracy initiatives. And even worse, on Thanksgiving---a tradition started by these same refugees. As our last great president from Massachusetts once said:


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