Thursday, October 18, 2018


   North Carolina's Harnett County School District announced late last week that it had removed Cindy Gordon, principal at Harnett Central High, from office. The public school administrator went berserk during a football game after spotting a student wearing a pro-Trump jersey in the stands. 

   The young lad in question was wearing a football jersey with the number '45' and the President's name on back. According to witnesses, Gordon flew into a rage and bounded up the stairs screaming as a shocked audience looked on. She began tearing at the young man's shirt, demanding that he remove it or be thrown out of the stadium. The boy elected to leave with security guards, some in the crowds cheering his courageous stand. 

   The School District announced that Gordon would be replaced by Catherine Jones, who is currently principal of Harnett Elementary. Many of Gordon's online bios have been taken down, but Harnett's website indicates that she was a lifelong academic bureaucrat. In other words, another Swamp Creature whom the public schools are better off without.

  The boy's father told local news outlet ABC-11 that "We don't want any kids violated. We don't want to see our kids publicly humiliated over something like this. He [his son] was not behaving disrespectfully or trying to draw attention to himself."

    Gordon is not the first public school official to crack up with Trump Derangement Syndrome and, sadly, will not likely be the last. The Left is increasingly becoming more desperate; and consequentially more prone to violent outbursts. Conservatives shouldn't be walking on eggshells; but they do need to be alert and aware more than usual. Leftists are literally going off without warning all across the country. 

     Understanding TDS is valuable to help in this awareness. A colleague made the astute observation recently that TDS is the final culmination of the philosophy called Identity Politics. Those prone to TDS have swallowed the 'personal is political' mythology to such an extent that their Ego-Identity and Political Identity have become inextricably fused. Thus the real or threatened collapse of their political identity brings their sense of self-worth down with it. 

    TDS attacks, therefore, are what Freud and his school refer to as Abreaction---the opposite of Catharsis. When people who are in error are faced with the truth, they normally experience Catharsis, which is really insight, and feel free of their problems and begin to change. However, others resist the truth and to use the modern expression double down. This is Abreaction. Christ taught of this principle when He spoke of the soul which, after the demon was cast out, rearranged itself for even more wicked spirits to enter. Trump not only represents truth to such people, he represents what is right and good. Thus their souls, when vastated by political identity collapse fill with guilt, hatred, envy, etc. That combination naturally projects itself on another political entity---in this case Trump---and thus the victim uncontrollably explodes on anything or anyone supporting the President and his policies. 

     It's an interesting theory and as good an explanation as any. But given that there are still plenty of Cindy Gordon types in the Academic Swamp, we won't have an objective study anytime soon. 



  1. Dear Nightwind, Wow! Losing a really good job for what...throwing a stupid fit in public. At the risk of ticking off visitors to your blog, why are schools hiring these silly women to begin with?

    1. They represent 'diversity'. Principals historically were male. Also, too, they're PC fanatics---as this case clearly shows!

  2. That's a good question...why do they get hired...

  3. You cover so many interesting stories that I wouldn't otherwise hear about. I was aware of the Special Education teacher in Minnesota who made a death threat on Twitter to Justice Kavanaugh - apparently she quit her job - GOOD. This story is also good news - the trend seems to be that they are not getting away with this and have crossed a line that even the horrid Leftist America-hating Teachers' Unions and their big gun lawyers cannot defend.

    The Commies in the public school system and universities are hugely responsible for the decline of America. With that said, they have gotten away with this cr$p for decades because parents were asleep at the wheel. It's about time that Americans stood up to their bullying.

    1. Thank you---this trend of standing up to these Libtard bullies is directly related to Trump's election. Under the Deep State, taking a stand like this would have gotten no support from the 'Elites' and the School Board might even have faced a political backlash. Now that Trump has their backs, a lot of government employees are no longer afraid to do their jobs.

      I remember that it was like this under Reagan too.

      That reminds me I'm going to send you an e-mail soon.