Wednesday, October 17, 2018


    Blogger Insanity Bytes had a good article yesterday which was a good corollary to our last article. It also reminded me of why I rarely shop in anything but used bookstores these days. I'm just about finished with the whole Black Samurai series from the 1970's. I recall having read them back in Middle School. In the days before Politically-Correct, Cultural Marxist Postmodernism, a Black author could write a series about a Black hero trained in Japanese Martial Arts and young White guys wanted to grow up and be just like him. 

     IB's article is geared more towards women's literature; but given the levels of androgyny shoved on us by the Corporate Media, a lot of what she says applies universally. Especially about so-called "strong female characters." Even the Red-Pill Alpha comics we wrote of last time seem quite heavily dependent on female characters who act like bad stereotypes of male ones. I can fully understand how women must actually feel encountering this stuff:

     The reason why we find so few women in literature anymore who behave like women do in reality is because the Feminists, Red Pills, and the Rainbow-Pride crowd dominate the mass media. They are all three premised in variations of Marxist ideology which perceives social relationships in terms of conflict. It's all a zero-sum game to them; exploiter vs. exploited; and that victims are really heroes. There is nothing about complimentary relationships anymore, when heroes and heroines used their different respective strengths to effect a positive difference. 


    The basis of complimentary relationships naturally reside in the inherent differences between men and women. Even though human beings have understood this fact throughout all of known human history, postmodern elites are unhappy with the arrangement and unilaterally decided to secede from Natural Law and from Reality in general. The reason for this is obvious: under traditional social paradigms, Feminists, Red Pills, homosexuals, and other sociopolitical radicals are parts of fringe-groups. Heroism is something they envy and resent because heroes are portrayals of everything they are not. 

     Naturally these same fringe groups detest traditional femininity: Feminists because they are incapable of attracting strong men; and Red Pills and homos because they are weak men who are incapable of appealing to desirable women. Thus they claim that traditional femininity is weakness. The reality is that traditional femininity is a woman's strength. If a lady wants her hero, she has to earn him. 

    That doesn't set well with the entitlement-mentality pushed by the postmodernists. Just like these media moguls can snap their fingers and change male characters into women, anybody who wishes to be a hero can become one without earning it. That is appealing to fringe-characters and social outcasts. Normal and moral people only want what they can earn; the others hate the idea of earning anything. 

     Complimentary relationships do require work. They aren't always without conflict because the natures of men and women are different. Literature is a form of art; and art is only good when it reflects Reality. Art loses its purpose when it attempts to change Reality. It then ceases to be art and becomes propaganda. One of the reasons why postmodern literature is so unappealing and dull is because people recognize instinctively its unreal element. The plots in most fiction and fantasy---standing alone---would be unbelievable. The artistic genius of the author is to make those stories believable; and he does this by giving the characters personalities to which the audience can relate. Modern literature tries to reverse this formula and so they fail to achieve any purpose except to exist within echo-chambers. Portraying the true natures of gender conflict irks those who want it portrayed as a war instead. Most of us just find the reality somewhat humorous. Since we all experience conflicts with the opposite sex, it's refreshing to see that heroes and heroines aren't exempt. 

     One of the other myths promoted by Feminists is that traditional femininity is only a social construct designed to please men, but nothing could be further from the truth. Women instinctively want to please a man whom they believe is worthy of their love. The old saying that behind every great man is a great woman is true. Women are by nature always hoping this as their ultimate goal. The Red Pills exaggerate this tendency with their ridiculous theory of hypergamy. It's not about constantly seeking the 'bigger better deal" but about getting the best they can and building up that relationship. 

     Insanity Bytes was totally correct therefore in saying that what the Feminists and their imitators refer to as weakness is really the feminine inclination to fall in love and be devoted to a man and a positive influence upon his life. And that's not weakness at all. That's a motive factor in civilization itself. And when men really think about it, it's what we love about women and why we sacrifice for them.


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