Tuesday, October 9, 2018


    Edwin Benson, who writes for various Catholic websites, has a good article on the consequences of the New York City aldermen's absurd decision to allow citizens of the Big Apple to opt of choosing a gender on their birth certificates. One of the blowhards who authored this legislation opined that: "Gender is a spectrum for many folks, and it's not a fixed thing." Reality is also a 'spectrum for many folks'---most of whom are in mental hospitals. 

     The sheer insanity of this resolution is not deterring the Whacko Left Wing, who are proposing even more extreme legislation elsewhere. Naturally the legislatures on the Pacific Coast are leading the charge. Benson quotes Washington State's perspective on gender, and it's worth reproducing here:

     "The language of the Washington State directive is eye-popping, 'a gender that is not exclusively male or female, including, but not limited to, intersex, agender, amalgagender, androgynous, bigender, demigender, female-to-male, genderfluid, genderqueer, male-to-female, neutrois, nonbinary, pangender, third sex, transgender, transsexual, Two Spirit, and unspecified.'”

     What any of this means is anybody's guess. Washington is perfect example of what happens when you have a government run by drug addicts and sexual perverts. 

     The actual reality here is that one can't change one's gender simply by wishing it away and coining new terms. But even more importantly, we can't remove a linchpin of Civilization and expect that there will be no consequences. The Radical Left in Academia long ago declared that 'God is dead'. But religion underpins the entire philosophical base of Civilization, including things like Ethics and the Rule of Law. Without a religious orientation, it logically follows that cultural ethics and the laws upon which they are based are voided. What becomes the basis of these things end up being dictated by pop-culture or by authoritarian government. 

     The same Leftists then told us that Civilization itself was a relative concept; that our culture was the product of an oppressive 'Patriarchy' produced by dead white males who had no ideals that postmoderns need respect. This includes ideals like liberty, human rights, self-government, world peace, free trade, etc. Throw away our ideals and revile the men who promoted them, and you get the opposite. 

     Eliminating gender has the same antisocial consequences. In this case, it not only denies philosophy and sociology but actually negates science. Biology and Psychology---and by extension, medicine and education are built on premises of gender differences and appropriate social roles for each. Doctors and psychiatrists can no longer treat sexual perversion no matter how dysfunctional a person might be from engaging in such practices. Or, regardless of what damage they may do to society. Likewise, it's entirely impossible to teach 'gender neutrality' to children independently of exposing them to sexuality long before their minds can analyse these things rationally. It's basically a form of grooming children for paedophiles with full legal cover to do so.

     Without the stability of a family and gender-confusion sown in young minds, they will grow eventually into severe neurotics. But the consequences don't stop there. As Benson points out, every facet of society premised on gender differences will come to be challenged. This kind of chaos is social suicide---and it's even worse than the divorce-ridden and dysfunctional families which are far too common in America. At least in the latter cases, the families are still products of the ideal, even though they fall radically short of it. Children growing up in these types of home often realize the difference and strive to do better. In a gender-neutral culture there is no ideal upon which to aspire. 

     These types of laws need to be slapped down; and hopefully with the Trump Administration reorganizing the Courts with men who respect law and tradition, things will change, Trump has already put two on the US Supreme Court as well as 69 lower-court judges. The opportunity to turn the tide is there. 


  1. He is achieving many great things in the courts - but without a significant cultural shift, pointing to conservative courts is the tail wagging the dog.

    Europe is much further along than the U.S. Look up Gender Recognition Act in Ireland.

    The next front is the silencing of dissent via hate speech legislation. This guy is a flaming Leftist but look:


    It's mind-boggling how well-funded the NGOs and astroturf organisations pushing this are as a matter of public record.

    Ireland has a nascent grassroots IREXIT movement but the NGO industry here is extremely powerful, and there is no support in the media. I'm surprised they let our wonderful Hermann on TV at all:


    In sum, Europe is sliding quickly into tyranny; in America, Trump and the White Hats have bought the country some more time to turn things around. The difference? The Bill of Rights, and the underlying culture of self-sufficiency and liberty that it forged over the centuries - which not even the most egregious corruption can ever completely eradicate from the American spirit.

    1. Yes, that skunk Soros and his cronies from the Clinton Foundation and elsewhere are behind those NGOs and they foment trouble wherever they get insinuated into society. Putin threw them out of Russia a few years ago and so did the Donbass Republics. Soros is banned from both countries as an undesirable alien. He's also been kicked out of China and the Chinese even have an outstanding arrest warrant for him. Ireland needs to do the same before they end up looking like California!