Thursday, October 4, 2018


    Yesterday, there was an emergency inside the DC Beltway. Some whacko---another product of our postmodern military---sent letters laced with Ricin to President Trump, General Mattis, Senator Cruz, and the Secretary of the Navy. The quick action of the US Secret Service and Postal Inspection Service thwarted any casualties. 

     And the Jeff Sessions-revamped FBI deserves a round of applause for catching the attacker in less than 24 hours. 

     So one would think that an attempt to wipe out four top American Government officials with a chemical weapon would be in the headlines. Nope. A search engine run on the story shows that the Corporate Media hasn't covered it since yesterday. And then it was yawning over 'a suspicious substance that is alleged to be ricin.' The top stories on Yahoo News are:

1. "Former Classmate Shocked that Kavanaugh Testifies 'Devil's Triangle' wasn't about Sex!"

2. "Sarah Huckabee Sanders Hits Jim Acosta with Low Blow Arguing about Facts!"

3. "Buffy the Vampire Slayer is Now a Kavanaugh-Accuser Bashing Trump-Troll!"

4. "Dream Cruise Ruined by 1,300 Partying Tobacco Company Employees!"

5.  "Connie Chung Reveals that she was Sexually Assaulted!"

      These the kinds of headlines that we used to see on cheap supermarket tabloids. It's really very reminiscent of their coverage of the 2017 assassination attempt on Republican Congressional leaders during practice for a charity baseball game. The story dropped out of the news with an air of media disappointment that nobody besides the attacker was killed. It seems like it's the same in this case: there's a collective depression in the press that the Ricin attack didn't succeed. 

      The Media has reached a point in our Trash Culture where sleazy sex 'scandals' and celebrity gossip has actually supplanted threats to National Security as important news. I recall that during the O.J. Simpson Trial how some used to quip that the networks would preempt coverage of a nuclear war to cover the trial. That appears to have been less a joke than a prophecy. 


  1. I read that the envelope contained castor beans. True - ricin is made from castor beans, but I highly doubt anyone would willingly chew up a dried castor bean. Swallowed whole it would probably just pass through without any problems.

    If that story is true and they arrested the guy for sending castor beans through the mail, the peeps I buy my castor beans from are in deep do. I plant three different varieties of castor beans every year.

    That Connie Chung article was very close to porn and waaaaaay TMI.

    1. Ground-up Castor Beans will give a false positive for Ricin. It could be that that envelopes were harmless. From what I've seen of the suspect, he doesn't look any too bright.

      Remember in February that Vanessa Trump received a package like that. The media needs to focus on these kinds of threats instead of peddling soft-core porn just to jack up ratings.