Friday, October 26, 2018


     It took the Sessions Streamroller only an amazing 48 hours to track down and capture the scumbag responsible for the attempted assassination of about a dozen Democratic Party officials and sponsors. The suspect's name, if anyone is interested, is Caesar Sayoc, a resident of Florida. 

     When the story broke this morning in the Orlando Sun-Sentinel, I read as far the second paragraph which stated that Sayoc had "an extensive criminal history" and surmised right away that we were dealing with an Alt-RINO. What was seen of his social media early on indicated that he believed that the Parkland School Shooting was a hoax; that Pizzagate is real; and there were various anti-Catholic images and threats against various media figures. He claimed to be Seminole (an American Indian tribe native to Florida) Warrior although he was said to be from Brooklyn originally. 

     The FBI impounded Sayoc's van which was plastered with pro-Trump posters. Naturally, the Media Hyenas are making a big deal of that. They're not going to focus on the unbelievable efficiency with which the revamped FBI and DOJ stopped this threat dead in its tracks. That should be the real story here. 

     Only a few weeks ago, we saw a failed Ricin attack on Trump Administration officials. That, too, ended up with a suspect in custody in about two days' time. When was the last time we saw the FBI working with this kind of skill and efficiency? It's all because of new policing models, ending the 'turf wars', and the swamp-draining that Jeff Sessions has implemented. 

     If the Corporate Media had hopes of milking this incident for an orgy of Trump-bashing, those despicable dreams were dashed today. I wonder how Robert DiNero feels now? Only a few months after he was the toast of the town for an anti-Trump outburst, he's seen this Administration not only foil an attempt against his life, but apprehend the suspect the next day. 

    What was it that St. Paul said about shaming an enemy by doing the right thing and heaping coals of fire on his head? Coals of fire can also burn away enmity; let's hope that, like St. Paul, the scales will fall from DiNero's eyes. He's just seen proof of what happens when the government has your back. 

     Congratulations to Jeff Sessions, the FBI, and all affiliated law enforcement for ridding our streets of one more threat to public safety. Have a good weekend guys, you've earned it. 



  1. I get a weird feeling about the bomber story... the first videos I watched on it said the bombs looked like bad movie props...clocks with no alarms wired to no explosives at all... now, all the reports said they were deadly real?!

    Seriously... wtf

    1. And all this so close to election day....and the van caked with trump stickers...

      Something about it seems fishy

    2. Yeah, I think there's more to this story too. Sessions hinted at his Press Conference today that there were more people involved than this one loser living in his van. Whether there was some ulterior scheme behind this plot or not, the quick action of the FBI completely eviscerated any hope of the Left capitalizing on the incident for political gain. As for the bombs, apparently they were capable of exploding but so badly put together that they wouldn't have gone off. IOW, the explosives were real, but the detonators were no good.