Thursday, October 25, 2018


   It's become fashionable in our effete era to laugh at the idea of Satanic Cults carrying out murder and crimes. During the 1980s and early 1990s, the Media first hyped, then derided, widespread claims of Satanic Ritual Abuse. Since then, we've gotten a clearer picture of the Media Elites behind such coverage. Stories involving such abuse rarely get any Corporate Media coverage today, for such obvious reasons. 

   Yesterday in Bartow, Florida police arrested two girls, aged 11 and 12, who were planning to murder 15 other girls, drink their blood and eat their flesh, before committing suicide. A visibly shaken Police Chief Joel Hall told the local ABC affiliate that the young thug-ettes confessed that "Killing all of these students was in hopes that it would make them worse sinners; ensuring that after the suicide they would go to Hell and be with Satan." 

    Lest anyone believe they were merely joking, police recovered the following items from the pair:

    And a goblet purportedly to collect the blood of their victims:

    The girls were actually caught in the school bathroom with these items in the process of setting up their ambush. According to Chief Hall, their plan was to attack younger girls whom they could overpower. Both confessed to the police that they worshiped Satan and this was corroborated by evidence the police discovered after searching their homes and I-phones. It should be noted that school security had been tightened after authorities received a tip that "something bad was about to happen there." 

    Drinking human blood and eating human flesh is a Satanic ritual designed to blaspheme and profane the Catholic Mass, or the Communion Ceremony as it's known in Protestant denominations. 

     Where do would one suppose that two girls of this age would get such ideas? Girls at this age often just developing an attraction to men---and these two were immersed in Satanism? 
Of course, the parents of the two girls denied knowing anything about any of this; either of the murder plot or of their offsprings' spiritual inclinations. Our intuition tells us that there were a lot of things going on that these 'parents' didn't notice. 

      In a welcome but mildly surprising bit of news, Polk County School Superintendent Jacqueline Byrd stated that the two girls would be expelled after the incident. It's heartening to see that our public schools are coming around to the idea that mass-murder is actually not a form of free speech. Pensacola, Florida---just a few miles north---is the home of an after-school Satan Club. 



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