Thursday, September 14, 2017


     Sally Quinn, one of the deepest of Deep-State denizens still haunting the Beltway Swamp, has published a new book in which she admits to practicing Satanic Black Magic and "feeling nauseated" in the presence of Sacraments. The book is titled Finding Magic: a Spiritual Memoir. In portions of it, she describes killing three people through use of Satanist maledictions and jokingly told sympathetic media fools that she's considered killing President Trump in this fashion.

     "You can't imagine the number of people who have asked me to put a hex on Donald Trump." she boasted, "I mean, I have friends lined up."

      Oh, really? Well, that statement certainly implies that a number of people in Quinn's circle of friends must share her Satanic beliefs. And more troubling is that Quinn is considered the queen of DC social life. In other words, the Deep State elites are, by Quinn's own admission, a veritable coven of warlocks and witches.

      Quinn incidentally is also the Spiritual Affairs Editor at the fake-news factory, The Washington Post. Once again, we see kinds of people whom the Corporate Media chooses as its spiritual and moral leaders.

       Few people are aware of the extent to which dangerous cults have infiltrated so-called 'Elite Society'. This isn't conjecture: it's often---as in Quinn's case---by their own admission. The Scientology Cult boasts about prominent public figures within its ranks. Any search engine quest for 'Famous Scientologists' will turn up a surprising list of well-known names. The Moonie Cult and its various affiliates and fronts own several media outlets outright and have sat on policy-making boards in the UN and both the American and South Korean governments. The Satanists are little more shady and more difficult to define; but we've seen similar allusions to Quinn's released by WikiLeaks in the Podesta Files. False neo-Christian cultists turn up in publications like The Huffington Post preaching the 'Queer Christ' and other blasphemies. It was also well known that several officials connected to the Obama Administration were at least in sympathy with the Wahhabi and Salafist Cults which have deviated from mainstream Islam.

       Liberals who have read this far are probably rolling their eyes, but we challenge you to stop and think: How do you, as part of an atheistic and 'progressive' movement really feel about your own leaders running around bowing to Satan and working Black Magic? You might answer: "Well, those things don't exist, in my opinion." Fair enough: but doesn't it bother you that your so-called Freedom from Religion is being orchestrated by people who pray to the Prince of Darkness?

        It seems to our minds that any honest Liberal would have to admit that he gets a fairer deal with Conservative Christians. At least we claim Saints and Angels; the other side thinks it's doing the bidding of demons.



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    1. It sure does. Just what little we've seen since Trump has started swamp-draining makes me cringe thinking about what might be lurking closer to the bottom of the pit.