Wednesday, January 9, 2019


   For those who haven't heard of him, Michael Harriot is a writer for The Root Magazine. Harriot has been under some scrutiny lately after launching a profane tirade on Christmas Eve against NRA spokeswoman, Dana Loesch. Part of these lovely holiday sentiments read: "I hope she dies in a car fire with the windows open so she doesn't die of smoke asphyxiation but has to die slow!"

     Such behavior and sentiments, of course, are not uncommon from the Whacko Left. The Left considers these hysterical outbursts as deep and thoughtful expressions of political philosophy; on par with those lofty utterances by the likes of Steven Colbert, Maxine Waters, and Alec Baldwin. 

     As for The Root itself, it purports to be "an Afrocentric online magazine." But is it really as representative of Black Americans as it claims? Some have their doubts, and with good reason. 

     The Root Magazine is a subsidiary of transnational media conglomerate, Univision Communications. Univision also owns the radical Feminist blogsite, Jezebel. In 2013, Univision launched a Left-Wing civic activist initiative funded by gangs like the Clinton Foundation, La Raza, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Common Sense Media. The latter of these is headed by Soros-associate and radical Leftist billionaire Tom Steyer. Steyer donated over $87 million to Democrats in 2016. Common Sense Media has also been campaigning recently against 'gender stereotyping' in the press. 

     It sounds so far that Harriot's employers are a gang of suburban White Liberals, not especially representative of mainstream Blacks. And it gets even more shady when we see that Univision itself is owned by five Wall Street financial oligarchies---each with a 20% share in the company. They are Madison-Dearborn; Providence Equity Partners; TPG Capital; Thomas H. Lee Partners; and the Saban Capital Group. These five companies donated over $2 1/2 million to lobbies, PACs and candidates in 2018. 

     Madison-Dearborn donated to causes of both parties. In 2016, they supported RINO Marco Rubio. Multimillionaire Democrat Congressman Jared Polis of Colorado owns stock in Madison-Dearborn.

     Providence Equity Partners also donated to both parties. In 2016, they supported the RINO Jeb Bush, then switched to supporting Hilary Clinton after Trump won the GOP nomination. 

     TPG Capital donated the most money of these five in 2018; mostly to Democrats. In 2016, their top donation went to the DNC and sent almost $43,000 to the Clinton Campaign. Hilary Clinton was their top recipient among candidates. 

     Thomas H. Lee Partners donated in both election cycles. They also supported RINO Bush and then switched to Clinton in 2016.

    Saban Capital Group donated to Democrats in 2018; and in 2016 was the 12th largest political donor of the entire year: over $15 million to the Democrats---$53,411 to Hilary Clinton personally and half a million to the DNC among all of this slush-funding. Hiam Saban, the CEO of this gang is a billionaire Hollywood Liberal. He even held some advisory posts under the Clinton co-presidency and was a frequent visitor to the White House. 

    With a growing number of Blacks supporting President Trump, it's apparent then that Harriot---and The Root Magazine in general---are just mouthpieces for the White Liberal, Deep-State Elite; out of touch with the people whom they claim to represent. 



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