Friday, January 11, 2019


     For the second time since 2017, a man was found dead in the home of Ed Buck of West Hollywood, California. The victim was identified as 55 year-old Timothy Dean; who worked at Saks Fifth Avenue and was a former porn industry figure, according to The Los Angeles Times. Dean died of an unspecified narcotics overdose. The victim in 2017 was a male prostitute named Gemmel Moore, who died of methamphetamine poisoning. Buck was never charged in the 2017 death, and LA County officials don't seem especially eager to pursue an investigation into this year's first high-profile Hollywood casualty. 

      As it happens, both victims were Black men; but Ed Buck is a White Liberal with friends in very high places. A self-made multimillionaire, Buck was a former 'Log Cabin' Republican in Arizona before switching parties during the Clinton co-presidency and moving to California. An open homosexual and drug addict, Buck had a history during the 1980's of arrests for Indecent Exposure and forging prescriptions to obtain Opioid narcotics before learning that a close association with the Clintons protected one from scrutiny for such behaviors. Since that time, too, Buck has been a major donor to Democrat causes and candidates. 

     And, as we should expect, both National-level and California Democrats have had little to say about these activities; though, in fairness some at the grass-roots level have spoken out. One Ashlee Marie Preston, a transgendered Black blog editor, published a rather creepy but highly insightful article hypothesizing that Buck is "a wealthy White politico with a deadly fetishization of disenfranchised Black men." While I don't agree with some of Preston's sociological premises here, I think that the psychological assessments of Buck's character are probably quite accurate. Although Buck's perversion may have a racialist aspect to it, we have seen the same psychodynamics played out in the scandals surrounding Oregon Democrat donor Terence Bean and the disgraced ex-mayor of Seattle, Ed Murray.

      Another disturbing aspect of Buck's case is that both victims seemed to be men who were struggling to escape from the homosexual lifestyle. In Dean's case we were told today that he was active in some sort of religious support group. However, recently released pages from 
Gemmel Moore's private diary are a little more open. These were published by an author named Jasmyne Cannick whom (if I remember correctly) is a Democrat activist in the Los Angeles area herself:

   “My mind and action change. I am not the same person I was born to be,” Moore wrote in his journal. “I felt as if I sold my soul to the devil — I want to be back in the hands of God. I want to be healed from drugs, poverty and troubles. I want independence. I want my own. There’s so much madness going on in my life. It’s got to be illegal and wrong. The way I was raised to be, you would never expect this. I just hope the end result isn’t death. Someone needs to save me soon."

     In a less politically corrected era, Moore's and Dean's apparent attempts to change through religion would have turned the investigative spotlight on Buck like a beacon. Older generations of psychologists and criminologists understood fully well that the 'power exchange' alluded to by Preston (whereby powerful homosexuals exploit vulnerable men) is threatened by religion (because God is the Ultimate Power). Homosexuals of the Buck, Bean, and Murray varieties react to their subjects' conversions about like any other abusive bully in a relationship reacts when they're rejected. Sometimes it results in a violent death. 

     Yet here, in Ed Buck, we have another specimen of the sort of 'Elites' to whom our Democrat opponents in Government, Media, and Academia slavishly bow. These are the sorts of scum populating the Deep State Swamp, which we're now trying to drain---the kinds of people who held the reins of power for the last three decades; and who could come back to that power if we're not vigilant. 



  1. Thank you, this is a well presented story and really captures the essence of what "swamp draining" is all about. We need to be able to expose these things, to name evil for what it is, and to have access to some justice.

    I know the truth of homosexuality, how the vast majority are really victims of child sexual abuse, groomed into a life style they didn't really choose, with really high rates of both addiction and suicide. Prostitution and meth addiction are two symptoms that show all is not well with your soul. Really sad that these guys began to realize that and died before they could find healing.

    1. Thank you for those good observations. A lot of people outside of California don't fully realize just how powerful these behind-the-scenes Hollywood Liberals like Ed Buck really are. It's been going on for years---some good people in the LAPD and the LA media have been struggling against incredible pressure to expose these kinds of people and bring them to justice.

      I have a strong suspicion that both of these men were killed precisely because they were struggling to free themselves from 'the lifestyle'. It's not known as 'The Gay Mafia' without reason.

  2. A friend of mine used to live in LA. She had all sorts of adventures and told me, "It's off the freakin' hook." I'll spare you the detail but Buck was typical.

    Question, how many are satanists? Like, legit ritual magic devil worshipers?

    Polls are out.

    1. Satanism in Hollywood has been rumored for a long time. It's hard to say. They're doing the devil's work for sure; but that's an act of worship or their own evil characters at play is an open question.

      One cult that we know is active in Hollywood are the Scientologists. They are really deeply embedded within the Hollywood 'Elite' and even retain the same law firms: