Saturday, September 3, 2016


     DC Leaks released a new batch of documents relevant to the ever-deepening Soros Scandal. The Corporate Media has obligingly swept most of Soros' crimes under the rug---not surprising since we've seen from previous revelations Soros' cozy relationships with the Media Cartels. 

      What we learned today is that this foreign national and Wall Street freebooter, Soros, has not only orchestrated media campaigns in Europe, he's been meddling in the 2016 US Elections as well. Soros' Open Society Foundation plopped down a whopping $650,000 in 2015 to formulate a scheme to exploit Pope Francis' visit for ends politically profitable to Soros.

       "The initiative's grantees sought to use this opportunity {of the Papal visit} to mobilize their tens of thousands of members in local chapters in 11 states to build towards a set of concrete policy reforms to be advanced in 2016."

       The grantees referred to herein were the PICO National Network and the Faith in Public Life Foundation. Both are nominally Christian organizations: the latter is a Soros-funded front group, while Soros' Open Society Foundation is a major contributor to PICO. PICO was founded in 1972 by a radical priest who'd studied under Saul Alinsky.

       The goals of these two groups, as outlined in 2015 OSF Board Meeting was that they should "jump at the opportunity to shift US national paradigms and priorities in the run-up to the 2016 presidential campaign." Or, in plain English, to dupe unwitting Catholics into supporting Soros' Cultural Marxism under the guise of Christian moral duties. How they were to achieve this was fairly clear:

        "Improve co-ordination with local chapters to push for a range of state and local policy changes related to economic and racial justice. Engage individual bishops to voice more publically support of economic and racial justice issues; to create a critical mass of bishops...we can emphasize the Pope's searing condemnation of what he calls 'an economy of exclusion and inequality' and his dismissal of trickle-down economics."

        The document further shows that Soros---using the same tricks he'd employed in the Maidan Coup---sought to develop a sophisticated PR campaign through major Corporate Media outlets: CNN, NPR, NBC, and various other news outlets.

        "The impact of our work and the relationships it has fostered can be seen in the broad range of religious leaders hitting back at presidential candidates for their use of fearmongering." the Foundation's leaders trumpeted in the Spring of 2016.

        The OSF even got intelligence from inside the Papal Curia via a sympathizer with their goals, Cardinal Oscar Madariaga, of Honduras. The Cardinal---who is an outspoken anti-Semite and admirer of Fidel Castro's economic policies---was contacted to attempt to arrange Papal visits with low-income American Catholics. What a vile act: to turn a symbol of Christian humility into a cheap propaganda photo-op for the American Left. But such is character of George Soros; a man who would not hesitate to use even the Pope for personal gain.

         So how do all the Smart Boys who think there's nothing wrong with Soros' foreign intrigues feel about him doing it in their own backyards? When we had sane government, we used to treat people like Soros as undesirable aliens and prohibit their activities in domestic politics. But that was then, this is now. In our enlightened Postmodern Era, the news that concerns us are sex scandals and the newest antidepressant dope---and Soros and his cohorts go on laughing all the way to the bank.


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