Thursday, September 29, 2016


      One of the main legacies of the Obama Administration---which judged by less partisan intellects---will be the record of chaos and civil unrest fomented both here and abroad. All of this destruction is carried out to further the interests of organized crime, sexual perverts, religious cults, and ideological fanatics---all of whom dominate the US Cultural Elites.

      Mexico has been at the receiving end of much of this abuse. The disclosures connected to Operation Fast and Furious showed that our government---the same calling for gun control here---was operating criminal gun-running syndicates to arm the Mexican Drug Cartels. It's also been further known since the Mena Airport Scandal of the Clinton Administration that these cartels have been trafficking narcotics into the United States, with the complicity of our government for years.

      Basically what is happening in Mexico is the same general operation as is happening in Syria and Afghanistan. Drugs, weapons, sex-slaves, and other contraband are facilitated by criminal gangs connected to religious cults abroad for the profit and power of degenerates here. Of course, foreign patriots have to eliminated and moderate elements suppressed; which these gangs can be relied upon to do. In Syria, the Wahhabi Jihadists act as proxies, while in Mexico, Satanists do the job.

      This week alone in Mexico, the Satanists killed five more Catholic priests; bringing the total of assassinated clerics there to around 50 since Fast and Furious was put into operation late in the Bush Junior Administration. The Catholic Church has been fighting an uphill battle against the drug cartels which---thanks again to our corrupt government---is often better armed and equipped than the Mexican Army.

      Few Americans actually stop to consider that there has always been an historical association between narcotics traffic and the occult. In a country like ours---where drug addiction is rampant---Ameroboobs still pride themselves on their exceptionalism and supposed moral superiority to others. Narcotics, however, are known to have depressing effects on the human conscience and intelligence, when consumed in sufficient dosages. This makes the consumers easy prey for the fanatic, the criminal, and the pervert. Occult doctrines added into the mix can produce a human devil, literally capable of any atrocity. The methamphetamine use proliferated among the Nazi SS, ISIS, and the Mexican Drug Cartels show exactly what kinds of fiends are produced under the influence of that drug.

      The Mexican Satanists---who were largely influenced by foreign provocateurs---adopted as their object of worship a character from indigenous Mexican peasant culture called La Santissima Muerte. This being---probably a Christianized relic of the Aztec Culture---is depicted as a human skeleton in a black dress such of the type worn by the Madonna. The high festival of this cult is on Halloween, where its image is venerated in makeshift shrines where money, food, candles and other offerings are presented to it along with many blasphemous prayers and tributes. Marijuana is lit for La Santissima Muerte instead of incense.

        Father Francisco Bautista of Mexico City told the BBC recently that "From approximately eight years ago we have seen Santa Muerte having a big presence with drug cartel members from their bosses on down. Why? Because these people say that Jesus or the Virgin Mary won't provide them with what they ask for: protection from the military, police, and their other enemies. In exchange, they offer Santa Muerte human sacrifices. And this has increased the violence in Mexico."

       Father Bautista noted that, in addition to the murders of priests and desecrations of churches, the Satanists have committed numerous ritual murders---including the sacrifices of virgin girls and babies---all of which have been well-documented by the Mexican Federal Police. The former President Felipe Calderon had given the military orders to destroy shrines to La Santa Muerte, but the current president---who is supported by Obama---has since rescinded the order.

      And the situation is not likely to change. Considering that Hilary Clinton carried out most of Obama's policies in Mexico, and that many of Trump's advisors and endorsees participated in Fast and Furious---and the fact half of Americans can't find Mexico on a map and couldn't care less about what our leaders do there---we'll probably go on getting our dope from the Satanists at the cost of several hundred Mexican lives.

        Fortunately, though, many Mexicans have started fighting back: forming local militias and networking with the authorities. The pro-Obama party is up for re-election in 2018 and their poll numbers are in the tank against two parties who take a more aggressive stand.





  1. A grim subject indeed, but much needed to be spoken about.

    I don't fully understand the relationship between drugs and the occult, but I know it, I see it all around me. It's no accident that this little rural area that has been flooded with drugs has also been flooded with satanism and the occult.

    1. The same thing is happening in rural Mexico.

      Some have pointed out that in primitive and prehistoric religions, herbal drugs were often used by shamans and tribal priests as part of rituals. A lot of Mediaeval 'witches' did the same. So the connection between drugs and the occult is there historically too.

      I don't think any has a scientific explanation for this connection yet; but it's definitely there. There seems to be certain properties in certain narcotics that suppress a person's moral sensibilities while amplifying humanity's worst tendencies. That would they would be drawn to Satan, the personification of Evil.