Sunday, September 18, 2016


      Donald Trump gave a speech on Friday about gun control, in which he jokingly remarked that if Hilary Clinton was opposed to guns, she should disarm her bodyguards. This led to a hashtag being circulated throughout the social media demanding that Trump be detained by the Secret Service himself, on the alleged grounds that he was promoting an assassination attempt on Clinton.

      We can all rest assured that Secret Service agents don't disarm simply because The Donald wants to make a point. Nonetheless, Ameroboob outrage over Trump's remarks overshadowed any potential concern over the five (so far) bombs planted in the New York Metro Area today, or Obama's War Crimes in Syria.

     The hashtag was traced to one Peter Daou, a former Clinton campaign advisor and editor of Shareblue. The hashtag quickly rose to the top of Twitter feeds, despite being traced as well to several bot-accounts. Shareblue has something of a shady history, even by the US Corporate Media's dark standards. The publication was formerly known as The Blue Nation Review and, during the Democratic Party Primaries, was fairly outspoken against the Sanders campaign. The DNC scandals occasioned a name change, although the staff stayed the same.

     Shareblue is officially a news outlet, but walks a fairly legal tightrope considering that its owner, David Brock, is also the head of a SuperPac called Correct The Record. CTR has come under some scrutiny for working directly with the Clinton Campaign---illegal under federal elections guidelines. In May, this PAC spent over $1 million dollars to create bot-accounts on Twitter and pay professional writers to troll the Internet combatting anti-Clinton statements on social media.

      Brock himself is a very dubious and equivocal character. A homosexual, Brock once made a comfortable living writing propaganda in the early 1990s for the political Right. He was best known as the author of The Real Anita Hill, and various other sexually-titillating scandal-mongering pieces on Clintons and others. Brock was dispatched by his former publisher to write an expose on Hilary Clinton. By his own admission, after meeting with Mrs. Clinton, Brock suffered 'a crisis of conscience'. He cut ties with his associates on the Right and began writing exposes against them on behalf of the Clintons.

       Brock's new-found friends in the DNC Machine have rewarded him well. He also founded (and still owns) a non-profit organization called Media Matters for America---which has received considerable funding from George Soros. Media Matters for America is allegedly a public-service company operating as a media-watchdog group. In this case, we can clearly see that the watchdogs need watching themselves.

      So the editorial penned by Brock's henchman Daou demands the following action against an elected presidential candidate:

       "This is utterly and completely unacceptable by any standard of decency. And any other person who made such an invitational threat against a political candidate---no less for the second time---would be in Secret Service custody right now. Someone who wasn't broadcasting the message to millions of people by virtue of the platform Trump is given would be facing potential criminal consequences. This is intolerable. And the media and law enforcement should treat it with the gravity it deserves."

       To which we would point out that any other person who engaged in the types of activities that David Brock engages in would be under investigation by the FCC, the FEC, the FBI, and the IRS. Unfortunately, they won't treat Brock's crimes with the gravity it deserves, since---as recent DNC leaks show---these agencies are also filled with Obama and Clinton donors.

       And needs to be added here that in the United States---even with today's disregard of the Constitution---we don't throw political candidates in jail for what they say.

       In short, this hashtag controversy is another red herring. But what it does once again prove is how little credibility the Corporate Media actually has.

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