Tuesday, September 6, 2016


      Once again this week, the American public---always with their pulse on the key global issues and ever-vigilant of their hard-won liberties---are seething with outrage. Is it because Obama made a fool of himself at the G-20 Summit? No. Maybe the revelations that George Soros was caught red-handed manipulating the Papal Visit for political gain? No. Then maybe it's because of Clinton Foundation influence-peddling, the DNC rigging of her nomination, and Corporate Media complicity in the cover-up? No, not that either.

      No, the Ameroboobs are outraged, according to MSN News, because a model employed by Playboy took a picture of an older woman in a locker room and made a joke about it. MSN cites that stellar journalistic source People Magazine, as saying that 29 year-old Dani Matthews may face charges because her alleged 'victim' has complained to the LAPD. No word yet on whether Hilary Clinton will be charged for failing to disclose $225 million in taxpayer funds to the Clinton Foundation, though.

     People Magazine is a subsidiary of Time, Inc., a spin-off from Time-Warner which donated over $200,000 to the Democratic National Committee in 2016.

     Here in the Prozac Nation, where the personal is political, it is unofficially illegal to have a sense of humor unless it is acceptable under Politically Correct codes. Miss Dani has no right, in Postmodern America to make an off-the-cuff joke about somebody else; and of course the other person has to be a traumatized victim instead of laughing it off. People can go to jail for laughing at the wrong things in the United States these days. Miss Dani has been forced to make a formal apology for such inappropriate laughing.

     It is interesting to reflect, when we look at pop-culture of earlier epochs, how Americans once had a reputation for our sense of humor. We used to be able to laugh at ourselves. Today we have an international reputation for being uptight, grim, and easily offended people. A reputation, incidentally, that is very well-deserved.

    This is not to say, of course, that Americans never laugh---although they actually need cues to do it. A 'comedian' can reel off a string of blasphemies against the Church and be critically acclaimed for their irreverent humor. And the Alt-Right laughs too: just peruse the comments section on a typical Manosphere blog and there's plenty of rib-splitting material about women, Jews, and Blacks these days.

    How did Americans lose their sense of humor? It is simply this: in a culture where every action is interpreted as a political statement, humor naturally centers on its offensiveness. Thus, we laugh at political enemies who are deemed to be offensive themselves; while becoming offended if someone from our own socio-political camp is offended. Sort of the situation in the Third Reich, where it was acceptable to laugh at Jews and Communists, but anyone who laughed at Hitler's moustache might get an interview with the Gestapo over it.

     To cope with this gloomy atmosphere, many Americans turn to narcotics like hashish and Amphetamines and that seems to compensate for their lack of humor when binge-eating doesn't work.

     But since we have a sense of humor here, we'll conclude this article with a picture of Dani Matthews, and thank her for being a normal girl who still knows how to laugh.


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