Monday, September 5, 2016


     The Manosphere Game Cult leader, The Voice of God, has penned another article attacking American opinion-writer Jonah Goldberg's critique of the Alt-Right at one of his blogs, Vox Populi. Goldberg's article, which appeared in The National Review but has apparently since been pulled, made some of the same arguments against the Alt-Right that we have made here. As quoted by Vox, Goldberg says the following:

     "By their own words, the Alt-Right wants to destroy and replace Classical Liberalism and Modern Conservatism and replace it with some tribal 'identitarian' understanding of whiteness as a unifying concept. In this it shares the same modes of thought as the radical racialist Left. Hence its real goal is not just to turn the Alt-Right into the Right, pure and simple, but to transform the consciousness of all white Americans---and white people everywhere---into racial jingoists."

    The 100+ commenters at Vox Populi were quick to dismiss Goldberg as a Jew and a cuckservative, the latest Game Cult neologism to disparage anyone who holds traditional American values like family, faith, freedom, and the Constitution over Alt-Right Political Correctness. Vox says in his rebuttal to Goldberg that

     "Skin color exists. DNA exists. Race exists. Nations exist. But the various concepts upon which Jonah's Conservatism relies: equality, the Melting Pot, Judeo-Christian values, and a nation of immigrants, do not."

     Many critics of the Manosphere Game Cult have noted the intellectual immaturity of its spokesmen, and the above statement is a good example. The leaders of Game---all of them that we have seen, without exception---seem incapable of Abstract Thought. Child psychologists, among them Piaget, Montessori, Koffka, and others all agree that the capacity for abstract reasoning develops with biological puberty; and the childlike reductionist thinking and the obsessions with sexuality these writers have does cast some legitimate doubt as to their levels of emotional adulthood.

     Be that as it may, the concrete reality of things like race, gender, and nation are among the foundational aspects of Civilization, but to build a sociopolitical theory upon them is reductionist in the extreme: as Goldberg pointed out, such a philosophy is a reversion to Tribalism. DNA evidence proves, if anything, that Mankind itself is one large melting pot of races, as all humanity can now be reliably traced to single human male ancestor. The well-known phrase opposites attract in human sexuality was supported by no less an Evolutionist than Charles Darwin himself; who theorized that the natural male instinct to possess and mate with a unique female accounts for all the localized human racial disparities on the planet.

     That America is not a nation of immigrants is, of course, an absurdity, as well as the notion that Christianity had no relationship to Jewish thought. 

    Our Declaration of Independence states "We hold these truths as self-evident: that all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness---and to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed."

    If the Alt-Right and the Game Cult have an issue with our cuckservative Founding Fathers, the onus is upon themselves to explain exactly how such a statement contradicts Goldberg's claim that their goal is transform the consciousness of white Americans is a false statement.

    Vox Populi does make an attempt to gloss over this obvious contradiction and claims that:"We are not transformatives, we are, rather, observational realists."  A blatant falsehood, because the Game Cult refers to its conversion process as 'taking the Red Pill' which means freeing oneself (i.e. transforming) into a state of higher awareness achieved by adhering to their teachings. He goes to underscore the transformative nature of the Alt-Right by adding:

    "Since Jonah sees no reason to give an inch to science, history, and reality, it should not be surprising that both his movement and his personal brand are in descent, if not free-fall."  On the contrary: we would argue that both Classical Liberalism and Traditional Conservatism are in descent precisely because Americans have given an inch to science, history, and reality. The Alt-Right represents almost nothing based in American traditions, but instead reflects the worst elements of our historical past---not its best ones.

      This is another aspect that the Alt-Right shares with the Far Left, and what makes the Alt-Right and the Game Cult so particularly dangerous. They've essentially taken the most negative propaganda stereotypes from the Feminists, Atheists, and Marxist Historical Revisionists and flipped these stereotypes into Masculine, Christian, and American virtues. Granted, America has had dark periods and toxic social movements: Economic Corporatism, the Know-Nothing Movement, organized racism, sexual anarchism, Communist infiltrations---these things existed and still do exist---but generations of men and women since our Republic was founded have worked to stamp them out and build the society our Founders envisioned.

     Goldberg predicts that the Alt-Right will eventually go down in flames; in the long-term he is assuredly correct. Short-term, his prediction remains to be seen. The fundamental point that Goldberg seems to miss---at least in the segment Vox Populi quotes--- is that the Alt-Right feeds off the existence of the Cultural Marxist Left. The two movements cannot be ideologically separated and will always co-exist. Nonetheless, he is correct: the Reactionary Right is no antidote to the extremist of the Left. For all his talk of ignoring history, Vox Populi should note where Fascism, Nazism, and Stalinism---the Alt-Right of the last century ultimately led.


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