Wednesday, September 7, 2016


     Earlier this Summer here in the Prozac Nation, people were seeing alligators everywhere and now, they are seeing clowns. Yes, for the last month or so, clowns have been allegedly jumping out from behind bushes and trees, trying to abduct children and teenagers to heaven-knows-what sinister purpose. Of course, in the case of alligators, we know what their intentions are; but clowns are notoriously unpredictable.

     The epicenter of this new wave of terror sweeping the nation seems to be in the vicinity of Greenville, South Carolina; although clown-attacks are being reported elsewhere. The Corporate Media hasn't explained so far why clowns are running around---both in forests and populated areas---unnoticed by anyone else. Presumably, even in the Postmodern US, a guy in a clown-suit would stand out anywhere but at a circus.

     Nonetheless, the citizens of Greenville are up in arms and outrage that clowns are springing from behind trees---like the elusive Sasquatch---and menacing their juvenile population. The Police Chief of Greenville, Ken Miller, has been forced to put his foot down quite firmly: stating last week that anyone seen in a clown-suit would be arrested on the spot. "It's inappropriate and creating community concern and it needs to stop!" Miller fumed at a press conference.

     Perusing through some other news headlines from around Greenville, however, puts the clown sighting epidemic into a little more context:

     March 2016: Huge Meth Bust on I-85

      Nov. 2015: 56 People Charged in Meth Roundup

      Nov. 2015: Police Seize 12 pounds of  Meth

      May 2015: 19 Arrests in Meth Lab Crackdown

       Sept. 2014: 37 Indicted in Massive Meth Bust

       May 2014: 52 Arrested in Huge Meth, Pot, and Pill Drug Bust

     In 2013, the DEA estimated 82 meth labs were operational in the Greenville area--- a relatively small town of 61,000. Given that the intrepid Chief Miller has yet to find even a footprint from a clownish oversized shoe in the Anderson County woodlands, we may rather safely presume a correlation between Greenville's recreational narcotic habits and what they claim to be sighting in the forests.

     The real Bozos in this whole clown-terror wave are the ones in the Corporate Media, who once again have lowered the bar for US journalistic standards to tabloid levels.


  1. Ah yes. I too have a strange obsession with clowns and often say the clowns are running the asylum. My interest in clowns is actually related to social engineering. I am from the generation that perceived clowns as harmless entertainers at the circus. After John Wayne Gacy and assorted Hollywood productions, clowns suddenly became the epitome of evil and even teen agers are now afraid of them. Perception has a way of becoming our reality.

    True too, we have a huge meth and heroin epidemic all across this country. It's hard to get anybody to take it seriously. There's a lot of denial, probably corruption, and half the time I suspect drugs are the only thing propping our economy up.

    1. It's a sad commentary on how so many things in our culture have been reversed. People are afraid of leaving their kids alone around priests and circus clowns---but have no problem with homosexual scoutmasters. They think that the Ten Commandments or the Bible shouldn't be in schools because they 'corrupt' children---but have no problem disseminating drugs, pornography, and Marxism in schools.

      You're right: the drug problem is something too, there's a lot of denial about. We've been pointing out recently how much of this (Meth and Opiates especially) is originating in the Middle East by supposed US allies (and there's growing evidence of high-level complicity by US interests). But the Media tells us to worry about clowns instead!