Sunday, September 25, 2016


    The recent controversy between Game Cult blogger Dalrock and Christian Pastor Sam Powell brought to light many of the cultish tactics of this Manosphere movement. Among the almost 300 comments from Dalrock's followers---both at his blog and Powell's---another interesting item emerged. As a rule, we here don't typically give much credence to the ravings of commenters on Game blogs, but one merits special attention because it outlines a fairly detailed picture of how the Gamers pervert Christianity to serve their own ideologies.

    A commenter calling himself Sipcode wrote something of a homily which received hearty applause from other commenters and was not challenged or repudiated by Dalrock. Sipcode takes exception to the notion that hatred is not a Christian virtue. He draws on a Biblical reference of Jacob and Esau and says the following:

    "First we have to learn the language of God and drop the language of man. There are only two kinds of hate: righteous/godly vs. unrighteous ungodly. One is God's way, the other is any other way but God's. A loving God hates some things. God hated Esau righteously. Esau hated unrighteously by hating Jacob for the special blessing from his father and thereafter plotting to kill Jacob for that blessing and birthright. That is what has and is happening with women. They hate God for giving the birthright to men and have been killing and plotting to kill men across all time, starting with Eve killing Adam."

    This is complete nonsense; and has never been taught by any Christian denomination at any time. Not one part of Sipcode's argument is either doctrinally or historically correct. From his ill-definition of hatred, to his misreading of Scripture, to the ridiculous notion that men are the victims of some eternal feminist plot---nothing in this passage makes sense.

    In the 25th Chapter of the Enchiridion, St. Augustine explains for us the passage in St. Paul's Epistle to the Romans to which Sipcode is alluding. Augustine demonstrates that both Jacob and Esau merited God's wrath because of Original Sin; but that Jacob found unmerited Grace whereas Esau drew further from God. The conclusion is the polar opposite of what Sipcode alleges: neither gender is free from sin and must repent and find Grace for Salvation. And besides this nobody ever taught anywhere that Eve murdered Adam.

      Sipcode goes on to attempt to dazzle his readers with a display of his linguistic skills---which are not very high. After misinterpreting some Hebrew phrases and taking a passage from the prophet Hosea out of context, he comes to this astonishing statement:

     "Now this is very heavy for a Church that has bought and sold Christ as Savior, not as Lord, and that His Grace has dropped the Law and the Prophets...and if this is still irritating you: women will come to the level of men at the Resurrection 'when there is neither Jew nor Greek, nor male or female.' But only then."

      So, according to the Gamers, Christ is not Savior, we are not living under Grace, and women cannot be redeemed until the Resurrection. Can anyone doubt seriously after reading this that the Game/Red Pill movement is not an anti-Christian cult?

     Before any angry Gamers who troll this blog regularly start scoffing: ask yourselves one question: At what point in history did the Church adopt all of these supposedly false teachings? When and how did they---erroneously according to you---start believing that Christ was a Savior? Or that the Old Covenant did not end? There is no answer to these questions because these things were taught from the New Testament onwards. Nor are there any grounds for believing that women become like men at the Resurrection. The idea is absurd even by Gamer logic since, according to them, women were created as inferior to men.

      Sipcode then gives us seven points for spiritual reformation. They are as follows:

       " 1. Scripture never says that Adam transgressed in the Garden or that he knowingly ate of the fruit.

          (A straight-out lie. According to Genesis, God cursed Adam for eating the fruit. Additionally, the New Testament tells us repeatedly that Christ removed the sin of Adam---i.e. was, a Savior.)

        "2. Scripture never says that woman was made in the image of God."

         (Other than of course being made from Adam, who was made in God's Image. And it would be interesting to hear the Gamers explain why Christ incarnated in the Womb of the Virgin, or the various references to ''sisters in Christ").

         "3. Scripture was written for men to exhort, reprove, etc. themselves, wives and children."

          (Christ had a mortal mother, performed His first miracle for her, his first convert was a Samaritan woman, and women first witnessed His Resurrection. The 2nd Epistle of John was addressed to a deaconess. Christ took little children on to His lap and taught them. Where are we informed that women and children are not to study the Bible?)

         "4. Marriage is fundamentally about the man just like it is with Christ and the Church; it is fundamentally about Christ.

           5. Men glorify God, women glorify men."

         (This is, simply put, idolatry. And worse it seems to be some pagan form of phallic-worship. Men are not to usurp the place of Christ.)

           Finally, Sipcode crowns all his blasphemies by exhorting men to desert the Church and follow the Game Cult instead:

          "6. The church with the steeple is history; it is dead and effectively over.

            7. The church is now individual men studying and meditating on God's Word for themselves, then being sharpened by the Holy Spirit and other men seeking God, all to build up their individual families to withstand the coming persecution. The day of the traditional pastor is over."

            This last point of course reflects the typically cultish practice of isolating its followers from others, and preaching an impending apocalypse.

             All of these points and the preceding quotes reflect not Christianity, but idolatry. We can see plainly that all of this equates the Alpha who has taken the Red Pill with Christ Himself in the eyes of all unenlightened men, all women, and all children. Christ is really nothing in their scheme of things other than a Divine Alpha---like Jupiter or Ahura Mazda. This is not Christianity, but paganism in its most vulgar and revolting aspects. At least the pagans had female deities, representing women's spiritual equality: the Game Cult can't even boast that much.

            Christians of whatever denomination need to become more aware of this insidious movement. Hatred as virtue; man in the place of God; redemption as mythology; secession from the Church; and the enslavement of women---this is what the Game Cult offers as an alternative to corrupted Christianity, which preaches love, fellowship, service, and gender polarity. Too many men (and a few women) are falling for it. It's time they were challenged.



  1. Thank you for writing this. It weighs heavy on me that there are people being so mislead, that scripture is being so perverted, that the essence of who and what Christ is really all about is being misrepresented. I have an extra does of offense when alleged Christian men like Dalrock leave such distortions unchallenged. We are called, every one of us, to speak the Truth. The enemy is called the Father of all lies for a reason.

    1. Thank you, and yes. What it reminds me of is Christ's parable about the tares and the wheat. These guys plant the seeds and stand back and watch the weeds grow.

      Dalrock especially appears (by his writing style and method of presenting arguments) that he's had some training in propaganda skills.

  2. "Especially important is the warning to avoid conversations with the demon. . . . He is a liar. The demon is a liar. He will lie to confuse us. But he will also mix lies with the truth to attack us."

    -The Exorcist.

    It may seem like hyperbole to equate the blatherings of the manosphere with demons, but it's not. Anything that blasphemes the name of God, pleases Satan, and it is doing his work. And that is also the danger of the manosphere. it isn't only because they routinely lie, but also that they mix lies with the truth, like true skilled propagandists. But they will never admit how much like the feminists they really are. For example, one of the most absurd and hateful lies feminazis told the world was that men are just sex driven knuckle dragging oafs who can't stop thinking with the little head for longer than 2 seconds. And what does the manosphere do? Advocate for licentiousness. Men are slaves to their biology see, their impulses can't be tamed, or disciplined. Another favourite is everything men build and everything men do is with the goal of sex in mind. Or put another way, "What's love got to do with it?" It's all bullshit of course. Because to say that men don't want/need to be loved (and that is why men build, explore, do things for the women in their lives, no matter what they say to the contrary) is to reduce ourselves to the level of animals.

    These allegedly Christian men also seem to forget the reason for the ban on adultery and its off-shoot ban on fornication is the fact that we are not animals, but fully actualized human beings created in God's image and likeness. They never stopped to look at classic paintings of demons and angels and asked why did the demons always depict a grotesque, deformed animal like creature, and the angels were heavenly. It is because we are not vile dirty animals, but can be so much more, and we are so much more. That is why we, all of us, are called to so much more. Feminism is Satanic, and anything that feeds off the rotten fruit of that gutter religion is the same.

    1. Thank you, and what you say is true. It's noteworthy that when Christ was tempted by Satan in the desert, that the Devil employed Biblical arguments to entice Christ to sin. Satan wanted him to turn a stone into bread (like Moses had brought water from a rock). He quotes one of the Psalms when tempting Christ to jump off the cliff. Lastly, he offers the kingdoms of the world (as Christ was prophesied to be King of Kings).

      St. Paul says that Satan can appear as an Angel of Light. Hence we're told to try the spirits and know them by their fruits.