Thursday, September 22, 2016


    Blogger and frequent commenter Insanitybytes wrote an article yesterday critiquing yet another of the Game Cult's justifications for domestic violence and attacks on a Christian blogger. The Game blogger who goes under the name of Dalrock attacked the Rev. Sam Powell, in much the same way that he previously attacked Mary Kassian.

      Dalrock's argument essentially boils down to the dishonest claim that Christian bloggers who write on the topic of gender roles are covertly relying on the Duluth Model of Abuse. The Duluth Model was constructed by Feminists; hence he argues that those who employ it are likewise corrupted by Feminism. The dishonesty in his arguments comes in because he defines following the Duluth Model as essentially whatever contradicts the Game Model. It's a circular argument designed to discredit anyone as Feminist who doesn't subscribe to the Game Cult.

      Here is an excerpt from Powell's article, which Dalrock claims represents the Duluth Model:

      "The husband does not rule by power and control. He governs his home by service and love...Why do so many who claim the Name of Christ believe that women are to be controlled by entitlement and power? The husband isn't the boss, the commander, the chief or the king. All of that belongs to Christ."

      To which Dalrock rejoins: "Hierarchy, leading, believing you are the head of the household (in any non-feminist sense) is abuse and Satanic, according to Powell."

       Actually Rev. Powell said nothing of the kind. It is especially telling, though that the Gamers consider a husband 'governing his home by service and love' to be an unholy act of apostasy. What exactly then, do the Gamers advocate as the proper paradigm? Hierarchy is the answer claimed here.

       A Christian then might naturally wonder how, in such an arrangement, the two become one flesh. The Game Cult sees this a metaphysical impossibility. Dalrock derides Powell for arguing this very point, as Powell says here: "The goal of marriage is the one flesh relationship, rather than the antagonistic and abusive relationship that characterizes the kingdom of the Devil."

         One does not have to read very far in Game literature to comprehend that it is entirely premised in mutual gender antagonism, along with abuse and control. This is why Game preaches a hierarchal relationship, though often called by them Biblical Headship. Like the earlier attack on Mary Kassian, the purpose of the attack on Powell was to set up a false dichotomy under which the Game Cult appears to represent the true and uncorrupted faith.

        Powell says in his article the following: "The husband's job is not to rule over his wife, enforce the rules, or be the commander and king of his home in the castle, for it is not his castle. The home belongs to Christ. He is not to usurp Christ's role as King of Kings, but he is to emulate Christ in only one way, according to the Scriptures. He is to love her."

        And that, according to the Game Cult, is Feminism co-opting the Church.

        What it is in reality, is the Church teaching what it always has. The Game Cult is not anti-Feminist at all, it is anti-Christian. It is in fact, much closer to Feminism than it is to Christianity. Fortunately, there a few clerics like Powell who see it for what it is.


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