Wednesday, September 21, 2016


     Once again the Soros-funded Black Lives Matter gang and other assorted Anarchists have broken out in violent outrage, this time in Charlotte, N.C.. The angry mobs exploded into the streets after the Charlotte Police reported shooting a black man brandishing a gun at them. As is typical in these cases, the Ameroboobs went berserk and rampaged through the streets against racial injustice before any official inquest was conducted, or even before learning that the officer involved was, himself, also a black male.

     According to local reports, the rioters rallied on social media with slogans like "We out like the Taliban!" and "This ain't no m----------g game, nigga!" and "This ain't no one-day action. This the first time people standing up!" Which serves clearly to illustrate both the commitment to social justice and the relative intelligence directing the Charlotte Anarchists.

     Twelve police officers have so far been injured during the uprising. The Corporate Media on the scene referred to crowd as "protestors" and "demonstrators" even as the mob engaged in such acts of civil disobedience as burning cars and buildings, blocking I-85, and breaking into a Wal-Mart. The police employed tear gas, but the Corporate Media withdrew after the protesters began stoning them, allegedly knocking out one cameraman with a rock.

     While it is certainly true that the American Criminal Justice System is in need of serious reform, shooting police, looting department stores and adopting the Taliban as a role model does not bring reform about. Nor does planting explosive devices in residential areas of New York and blaming it on so-called Islamophobia.

      The Charlotte Riots are yet another example of Narcissism-Run-Wild, as are all of these so-called 'protests' against alleged police violence. There is not the slightest concern among these street rabble for the lives, families, or interests of the people they attack---none of whom had any involvement in the shooting.

        We do not even know whether or not the police were justified at this point. And what is of especial interest here is that there were no protests---peaceful or otherwise---in the US over our government's deliberate murder of 90 Syrian soldiers over the weekend. That---like the hundreds of civilian deaths our government is responsible for in Syria---is sloughed off by the Corporate Media, the Cultural Marxists, and the public in general as an error in judgment.

       Our priorities in the Postmodern US are seriously flawed. A police officer who in the line of duty takes a human life and whose actions will face review by his peers occasions a riot where innocent people are harmed. A government who illegally attacks another country for defending itself against terrorists and murders innocent people by hundreds is not even held accountable in any way, shape, or form.

      It would almost seem as though the only consistent factor in any of these events is that innocents are the ones who suffer the consequences. And that is actually unsurprising. When a society breaks down, is to devolve upon its earlier stages of civilization. What we are witnessing in the Charlotte Riots, the NYC bombings, and the Syrian War Crimes are a reversion to barbaric and primitive societal norms. When a primitive people suffer what they perceive to be an injustice, their first thoughts turn to revenge and to human sacrifice to appease their anger---which they typically project onto some higher power. Among earlier savages, these were offended idols, in modern times the sacrifices are made to more abstract concepts. But the principle is the same.

      Civilized peoples operate under a Rule of Law. As corrupted as our system is, the legal mechanisms for peaceful conflict resolutions still exist. They are not being employed because of our tendencies towards Narcissism and the desire for effortless solutions to complicated problems. It's easier to find and sacrifice a scapegoat and return to narcotic tranquility afterwards than to change things in meaningful and lasting ways. Therein lies a fundamental difference between what our Nation was, and what it has become.



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