Sunday, September 11, 2016


      Although there has never been the slightest proven connection between the 9/11 attacks and North Korea, George Bush named that part of an 'Axis of Evil' allegedly responsible for promoting global terrorism. That fact there are no Islamic Jihadists in North Korea never seemed to be questioned by the Corporate Media. The Obama Administration has continued the same policies; taking on an even more aggressive posture than Bush's.

       After returning home in shame this week following his humiliating failures at he G-20 and ASEAN conferences, President Obama received the further aggravating news that North Korea had successfully tested its fifth atomic weapon. Now one might logically assume that a country that the US has declared fair game for a pre-emptive attack; which has US troops and missiles on its southern border; and put under various US sanctions, might find self-defense a prudent course of action. Nonetheless, the Beltway is beating the tocsins of war again, hoping to salvage something out of the failed Asian Pivot.

        Besides the Beltway grandstanding and Wall Street's eagerness to cash in on another conflict, we have previously noted that the Moonie Cult is instigating much of the Corporate Media and political propaganda against North Korea. That the Moonies had a major influence in Bush Administration policies was well-documented in John Gorenfeld's 2008 book, Bad Moon Rising. Obama's Administration has not lessened Moonie influence in Korea policy; in fact, the Moonies have quite a presence in the late Reverend Moon's homeland of South Korea as well.

        Most Americans are unaware of the fact that South Korea is a hotbed of pseudo-Christian religious cults led by messianic figures preaching apocalyptic scenarios, of which the Reverend Moon was fairly typical. The one ideology these cults all share in common is a hatred for North Korea; which they see as some type of Great Satan obstructing their millennial and messianic missions.

         South Korea's leading news media outlet, JoonAng News, has been reporting---always with anonymous sources---some of the most absurd allegations of North Korean atrocities, which the US Corporate Media reports like parrots. One of the most recent stated that North Korean President Kim Jong Un executed two top official with a cannon for falling asleep during one of his speeches. Others have him throwing people to wolves; killing generals with mortar rounds; kidnapping Americans for sex slaves, and other stories in a similar vein. They make Kim out to be a modern Nero; which fits nicely into their cultish religious paradigms.

        JoonAng News is deeply invested in the American Corporate Media, especially with the news outlets Forbes and Newsweek with whom they have exclusive distribution rights in South Korea. Newsweek itself is a subsidiary of IBT Media, whose owners are disciples of---you guessed it---a South Korean religious leader named David Jang.

        The Reverend Jang was once a rising star among American Evangelical Protestants, and was the founder of Olivet College. Jang had some previous shady relations with the Moonies himself; some allege that he was once a member of the Unification Church. Nonetheless, many churches have cut ties with Jang and his church. There seems to be a strong suspicion among many leading Evangelicals that Jang is promoting himself as a false messiah. In 2008, Jang was investigated by an ecclesiastical council in Hong Kong comprised of leading Asian Evangelical pastors. The panel concluded that Jang's doctrine "was in strong probability promoting doctrines similar to that of the Unification Church." Among the signatories of Jang's condemnation was the president of China Graduate School of Theology.

         In addition to Newsweek, IBT Media also controls the International Business Times and The Daily Beast, among other media outlets.

        Is it any wonder, then, that North Korea is developing atomic weapons? How else is an old-school Communist regime finding itself backed into a corner by Wall Street freebooters, a resurgent Japanese Empire, and collection of powerful religious cults desiring Armageddon on its soil going to react?

       To be sure, North Korea is hardly a sea of tranquility and prosperity. But the Korean Crisis needs to be put in some perspective. That American foreign policy towards North Korea is largely being driven by cults and vested financial interests is far more dangerous to world peace than North Korea's experiments with largely-obsolete weapons technologies.

      The true Axis of Evil is right here on our own soil. The unholy alliance between corrupt government, corporate media, and obscene religious cults is destined not to lead to anything positive in Korea or elsewhere.



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