Tuesday, September 13, 2016


     In today's political and intellectual climate, this was bound to happen. The US Corporate Media outlet The Washington Post (among others) has run an article suggesting that Hilary Clinton's recent health problems may be caused by deliberate poisoning. The Post, who brushes off actual hard-copy incriminating insider leaks about Clinton and Soros as conspiracy theories, was quick to insinuate that Vladimir Putin was the logical mastermind behind such a crime.

     The Post is owned by media mogul Jeff Bezos. Bezos also owns Amazon, which received a $16.5 million contract with the US State Department during Hilary Clinton's tenure as Secretary of State. Amazon is also a contractor with the CIA, which goes a long way to explain its position vis-à-vis Russia.

    Nonetheless, The Post cites Dr. Bennett Omalu, a forensic pathologist who became a celebrity after his 'discovery' that deceased football players actually suffered from concussions. It probably should have been presumed that men whose profession involves repeated blows to the head might suffer from concussions; but in the Prozac Nation such things as scientific breakthroughs---and of course generate lawsuits and media revenue. We should also note that along with the Corporate Media, trial lawyers and Big Pharma are among Hillary Clinton's top donors. The article today was written by Cindy Boren, a former sports writer.

     Dr. Omalu recommends that Hilary Clinton be given an immediate toxicology test. His professional opinion, according to Ms. Cindy, rests upon this penetrating analysis: "I do not trust Mr. Putin or Mr. Trump. With those two anything is possible."

     Ms. Cindy then goes on to cite another authority: a January Washington Post article insinuating that Putin was behind the mysterious death of Russian dissident Alexander Litvinenko in 2006. This story was based on a pre-BREXIT British inquiry at a time when Obama and Cameron were pressuring the EU on imposing tougher anti-Russian sanctions.

     It is rather difficult to imagine that President Putin---an ex-KGB general with one of the world's top intelligence networks at his disposal--- allegedly could handle Litivenko so effectively in 2006 that even the biased British inquiry could find "only circumstantial evidence" implicating Russia, yet botch an attempt on Clinton so badly in 2016 that a doctor watching a Youtube video could uncover the whole diabolical plot. Unfortunately, Postmodern America is not well-known for its deep powers of reasoning, and Dr. Omalu's theory is going viral.

    It's somewhat peculiar that given the sheer number of suspicious deaths that seem to surround the Clintons---including the still-unsolved murder of Seth Rich---that the Post would accuse Putin of an attempted assassination of a US presidential candidate. Or just as peculiarly given some of the shady foreign deals that the Clintons were involved in, that the Post should insinuate that Trump is guilty of treason.

     I hope that the readers are seeing the dangerous patterns that have been emerging during the 2016 Elections. This election cycle is---bar none---the most disgraceful one is US History; and we've had plenty of bad ones. The street riots breaking out at rallies; the overt rigging of the Democratic Nomination; the blatant interference from Wall Street; the anti-Semitism, racism, and Fascism coming from the Alt-Right; accusations of treason and murder flying about---this election is looking like one from a Banana Republic, circa 1916.  And this election is likely to benefit the American people just as much as any of those elections benefitted the people of Central America.


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