Saturday, September 17, 2016


   A day after US commandoes were driven from Syrian soil under a hail of stones and bottles from the residents of Al-Rai, the humiliated Pentagon launched a coordinated airstrike on Syrian Army positions near Deir Ezzur this morning. 80 Syrian soldiers were killed and 100 wounded. ISIS forces counterattacked the Syrian position---the outcome of the battle is still undecided.

     The Allies have called for an Emergency Meeting of the UN Security Council following the unprovoked attack. Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov stated that the Pentagon attacked without warning. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova stated: "If we had suspicions previously that Al-Nusra {aka Al-Qaeda} was being protected in this way, after today's airstrikes on the Syrian Army, we must come to the terrifying conclusion before the entire world: that the White House is defending ISIS."

    Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem, following an emergency meeting with President Assad, stated: "This cowardly US aggression is incontrovertible proof that the US and its confederates support ISIS and other armed terrorist groups. Syria demands that the UN Security Council condemn this aggression and force the United States never to repeat it and to respect Syrian sovereignty and unity."

    The Obama have confirmed, through this action, what many have long believed: the obsession this Administration has with overthrowing the legitimate Syrian government has reached the stage of psychotic mania. That they have protected and enabled ISIS and other gangs of Wahhabi thugs to carry out their crimes has been transparently obvious for years now; and today's massacre confirms this.

     General Joseph Votel, the Pentagon's commandant in the region confirmed that US F-16 and A-10 fighters carried out the mission. Votel, whose incompetence has led to a series of blunders and humiliations in the Middle East, claims that the airstrike was unintentional, and that Russia was notified---a claim Russia denies. Syrian sources report seeing US drones and reconnaissance aircraft around Deir Ezzur for days leading up to the attack.

     The LGBTQ-friendly Pentagon issued a rather laconic statement to the press: "We are aware of the situation and are checking with CENTCOM," the statement read, "Syria is a very complex situation with various forces fighting in close proximity, but we would never intentionally target Syrian forces, We are reviewing the situation to see if any lessons can be learned."

      There should be no doubt that this was no accident. This incident follows exactly the same pattern of provocation that Obama has engaged in globally. Every 'peace deal' is followed---without exception---by immediate violations by Obama. This not only true of Syria. It has happened in Ukraine, Turkey, the South China Sea, the Korean Peninsula, Libya, Northern Mexico, Brazil, and the Persian Gulf. Treachery of this sort is second nature to this Administration---even in domestic politics as we've seen in the DNC scandals and elsewhere.

     What the outcome of this new crisis will be is impossible to predict. But it is the first time since Libya that Obama has intentionally killed foreign troops on their native soil with no declaration of war. Civilian deaths, he is also responsible for.

     Now, it's up to the Allies to respond.




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