Thursday, September 15, 2016


      One of the leaders of the dangerous Manosphere Game Cult who goes under the name of The Rational Male, published an article yesterday critical of medical advances extending female fertility. Now while we here firmly oppose Feminist so-called reproductive rights (i.e. abortion); as pro-family advocates we can only welcome scientific advances that will bring new life into the world.

     Not so the Red Pills, however. The Rational Male takes umbrage with a new technology involving ovarian implants that would, in theory, cure female infertility---even if that infertility were caused by disease. He gives us "the real reason" behind the publicity over the new discovery:

     "Ah yes! The Holy Grail of bioengineered gender equalism---a safe and effective means of extending a woman's fertility well beyond what all reason and concern for healthy parenting would otherwise mandate. Nowhere is it mentioned, or are we even to consider, that women's real reason for wanting a safe way to extend their fertility has less to do with 'infertility' concerns and a lot more to do with their difficulties in optimizing Hypergamy."

     So there we have it. These medical advances have nothing whatsoever to do with making motherhood a possibility for many women who desire it. Instead---according to the Game Cult---these advances are calculated to increase female probabilities of mating with an 'Alpha' male. Lest the reader think otherwise, The Rational Male confesses:

    "In the Manosphere there's an understanding that women's Party Years, the years she rides the C--k Carousel are dedicated to the pursuit of Alpha F---s; her prime directive is focused on short-term breeding strategy. Women's entitlement extends to the point now that they demand that science extend this period..."

     One might presume that, given the Game Cult's emphasis on male sexual promiscuity and that they all fancy themselves sexually desirable Alphas, they would consider this a positive development (assuming that their theories were true). But to put this seeming paradox in context, one has to understand that---to their way of thinking--- female hypergamy is an unmitigated evil that leads women to commit all manner of crimes against men. As the author further states:

      "It is important to consider how women's feral selves are effected by an instantaneous attention and affirmation that previous generations of women craved, but never dreamed of having this kind of facility with."

       Now we come to the crux of the matter. Stripped of all the pseudoscience and neologisms we understand what Game Cult sexual theories are actually premised upon: fear of feminine sexual power. This explains largely why the Red Pills favor sexual liberation and advocate controlling sexuality at the same time.

       When we speak here of feminine sexual power, we mean the natural attractive female quality that entices a male to win and conquer her. The Gamers fear this: their entire concept of the Alpha is premised on control; either through force or manipulation, female sexuality. As we have noted elsewhere, there are no such things as hypergamy or the feminine imperative, and the Evolutionary Psychology upon which both theories are based is bogus. What such theories are designed to do is to dupe men into believing (i.e. taking the Red Pill) that healthy sexual bonding with a female is biologically impossible.

       These false theories are rooted in their fears; of which their Alpha Archetype is a projection. The Alpha is supposedly above emotional bonding and knows how to bend women to his will. The chumps,---those men who haven't taken the Red Pill---are vulnerable and subject to losing their female conquests at any time. The Game paradigm, which allows nothing for love, is strictly based upon fear. The fear of the Alpha being sexually rejected, and the fear of the female under an Alpha's control.

       Despite the Gamers' pseudo-Christian veneers, we see there is nothing holy about this type of relationship. And it also explains their paradoxical position on extending female fertility. A woman's capacity to reproduce is a major factor in her sexual power. Extending that power is something that the Alphas cannot tolerate. Fear also largely accounts for their intolerance of mixed-race relationships.

       The New Testament tells us that "There is no fear in love." The motive force behind all cults is fear, and the Game Cult is no different in this respect. It is no more a movement to empower men; any more than Feminism is about empowering women or so-called 'Gay Rights' is about a right to love. All of these movements empower no one but their leaders and rely upon intimidation, deception, and force to achieve that power.

         Contrary to what the Red Pills say, women have an instinctual fear of infertility. That medical science can reduce or eliminate that threat is a positive gain for civilization. Unfortunately, though, The Rational Male concludes by telling us that his article is the first in a series on this subject. But thankfully, science doesn't pay much attention to him.





  1. This is well said. That "fear of feminine sexual power" is a bit disconcerting, an odd form of pedalizing women, almost a bent form of goddess worship. As Tomassi himself has often claimed, even the Holy Spirit has now been co-opted by women's alleged sexual charms. Women, being all powerful, have allegedly managed to deceive God Himself.

    Somewhat ironic, but one reason why these guys dream of their alleged alpha status is because fear of women is so unattractive, it is actually repellent. All in good humor here, but women seek protection, provision from men, and when we sense they instead just have a deep seated fear of girls, any ability to keep the predators at bay kind of goes out the window.

    1. Thank you for your support. It comes across to me not so much perverted goddess-worship---the Game Cultists seem to regard female sexuality as some kind of demonic force. They're obsessed constantly with concepts like 'the sin of Eve' and alleged hypergamy.

      There are a lot of contradictions in Game, and the repulsive Alpha archetype being portrayed as attractive is certainly one of them.