Friday, September 16, 2016


     As if we needed further proof that the once-great Democratic Party has turned into an organized crime syndicate, DNC acting chairwoman and Clinton apparatchik Donna Brazille released this statement on Wednesday:

    "The DNC is the victim of a crime---an illegal cyber-attack by Russian state-sponsored agents who seek to harm the Democratic Party and Progressive groups in an effort to influence the presidential election. We would urge anyone attempting to access these documents proceed with extreme caution due to the potential malware risks."

    Malware, indeed. The newest batch of leaked DNC documents contain the lists of top fundraisers for the Obama Campaign during the last election cycle. That might not seem like a major revelation---until it becomes noticeable that many of these fundraisers ended up with jobs in the Obama Administration. Almost all of them were appointed ambassadors, via the State Department. And who was Obama's Secretary of State then? Yes, it was Hilary Clinton.

      As of November 2008, here are the future ambassadors, with their rank as donors:

1. Matthew Barzun. The top donor was ambassador first to the UK then to Sweden. He was Clinton's point-man in going after Julian Assange.

7. Charlie Rivkin. Ambassador to France, then Assistant Secretary of State.

8. Kirk Wager, Ambassador to Singapore, appointed late in Clinton's term. The 'Fat Leonard' Scandal occurred during his tenure.

    Other donors who contributed more than $900,000 include the future ambassadors to Japan, the Bahamas, Switzerland, South Africa, Belgium, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Finland, Trinidad, and Austria plus two replacements for Belgium and Luxembourg. One other went to the UN; another was ambassador to the EU, and two others in the $600,000+ category were appointed to UNESCO.

     Julius Genachowski, the #2 donor a corporate lawyer mostly representing the media, was appointed FCC Chairman from 2009-2013. He's since gone to work in Wall Street with the Carlyle Group.

      Richard M. Lobo, whose wife donated $715,000 was nominated to head the International Broadcasting Bureau. He was a former executive with PBS and NBC.

      Though he didn't work for the government, Corporate Media was also represented at #4 by Jeffrey Katzenberg, formerly of Disney and a major Hollywood executive. As was Stanley Grinstein of Gemini GEL at #6. Katzenberg got quite a few favorable trade deals during Obama's tenure---including a major sale to Comcast and special trade deal with China.

      Frank Sanchez, at #3, was appointed Undersecretary of Commerce for International Trade until 2013. Sanchez formerly served in the Clinton Cabinet. In 2014, he became CEO of CNS Global Advisors---a Wall Street consulting firm---and was elected to the board of Agribusiness giant, ADM. Robert Roche, whose $1.06 million only reached the #41 spot, went to Obama's Advisory Committee for Trade Policy. Roche has since opened up some private ventures in China; as did Katzenberg.

     Tony West, at #43, is currently an executive with PepsiCo, another agribusiness cartel. West was appointed Deputy Attorney General from 2012-2014, and is best known for paving the legal way for homosexual 'marriage.'

      So it appears that Obama and Clinton were good about rewarding their friends. It's somewhat ironic considering that Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich was indicted, impeached, and currently in federal prison for doing essentially the same thing filling Obama's vacant Senate seat. But Blagojevich---a congressman in the 1990s---was also famous for opposing the Clinton Administration's activities in the former Yugoslavia. The Clintons never forget their enemies, either.

     At the end of 8 years, we can safely say: so much for hope and change. Unfortunately, we can also safely say that there is little hope of change any time in the near future.




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