Saturday, September 24, 2016


   In Charlotte, NC this week, the police shot a suspect and---before there was even an official inquest into the matter---thugs turned out into the city streets, burning, looting, attacking people with one fatality (so far). We don't know at this point whether the shooting was justified or not, but Ameroboob outrage will have its pound of flesh regardless.

     So yesterday in Burlington, Washington a thug armed with a rifle walked into Cascade Mall and shot and killed five people. The police apprehended him today in nearby Oak Harbor, Washington and identified him as one Arcan Cetin. The Skagit County Sheriff has not---as of this writing---released a motive for the attack. However, KIRO News interviewed some of Mr. Cetin's neighbors and acquaintances whose opinion of his character was not exactly high. One was quoted as saying "that the neighborhood will be better off without him."

     It happens though, that Cetin's family were immigrants from Turkey---a predominantly Moslem country. Just as the Charlotte Anarchists have pounced on the police incident to run wild, Alt-Right pundits and bloggers are already running with anti-Moslem speeches and posts, claiming that Cetin is a Jihadist and the Burlington Mall shooting was a terrorist attack. Again, we have no knowledge to what motivated Cetin, but the fact that he was born in Turkey seems to sufficient for these writers to draw conclusions.

      One fact that we cannot overlook easily, though, is that Cetin---like most of these other mass-killers and street rioters---was a young man educated in a US public school. Cetin graduated from Oak Harbor High School in 2015.

      Neither the Corporate Politicians nor the Corporate Media want attention drawn to this fact. They would rather scream about gun control from one faction, and about deporting Moslems from the other, than to face the truth that our culture is radically failing young men. The fact that, for two centuries, American schools produced American citizens and today produces Anarchists and Terrorists should indicate that our problems have less to do with guns or immigration than with education.

       The unpleasant truth is that our public schools are characterized by high-level corruption, incompetent teachers, political correctness run wild, and widespread drug abuse. The National Assessment of Adult Literacy showed that 1 in 5 high school graduates cannot even read. Add into this mix the hostility toward masculinity in our culture generally and an Arcan Cetin becomes inevitable.

       It does not change matters in the slightest as to what Cetin's supposed motivations were---whatever they are, they no more rational than the Charlotte Anarchists' are. It's past time that we took a hard look at both our system of public education and our society's attitudes towards men and boys. Because both are failing young men---and the longer we ignore the problem the more that Charlotte and Burlington will be repeated elsewhere.

       But given the American public's indifference, and cultural elites like these shylocks at CNN who consider this violence mere political capital, things are unlikely to change. It's far more expedient for the Alt-Right to cast all Blacks as potential criminals and all Moslems as potential terrorists---just as it is for the Cultural Marxists to cast all men as potential rapists and all Whites as potential racists. And so the bloodshed will likely continue, while Ameroboobs settle for another tranquilized New Normal.

                                                           "Go Get Those Moslems!"

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