Thursday, September 8, 2016


     Blogger Insanity Bytes published a good article today about America (and the West in general) and our Culture of Pornography.  This article is an insightful critique of an anti-pornography statement made by a former star of that entertainment genre, Pamela Anderson.

     We see this type of phenomenon a lot here in the Prozac Nation. A female celebrity who's made a tidy fortune from her natural assets begins the natural process of physical decline and typically does one of two things:

      1.) Pretend it really isn't happening and they are just as beautiful as they ever were (e.g. Barbara Eden, Loni Anderson, Nichelle Nichols, among others); or

      2.) Suddenly become political/social activists against the so-called objectification of women (e.g. Gretchen Carlson, Pamela Anderson, among others).

      Both types present us with sad spectacles. They should have followed the examples of women of earlier generations: either gracefully passing into dignified glamor (e.g. Gloria Swanson, Jacqueline Kennedy); or landing a high-value first-class husband before it was too late (e.g. Clara Bow, Mary Pickford).

      But as in Insanitybytes rightly points out, human sexuality itself is not the problem: our Culture's commercialization of sexuality is. The women in the previous examples are either in denial or lashing out precisely because they've succumbed to this whole cultural nonsense of Sexual Market Value. It's obvious that such women are reacting to their beauty in terms of its economic utility, rather than the wonderful gift feminine beauty really is to a normal woman.

      As we have seen here, both the Feminists and the Manosphere Game Cult adopt this economic model of interpersonal relationships: the first based in Marxism and the second in Crony-Capitalism. As we've also pointed out, both are inherently Godless philosophies that reduce human sexuality to its social utility. In the Economic-Sexual social paradigm, what pornography represents is the Black Market.

      But as we have also demonstrated, the Economic Model of Human Sexuality is false, despite the superficial fact that pornography is big business---according to The Economist, the US accounts for 22% of the world's global pornography internet traffic (with the search term lesbian coming up first at 38%), From a sociological standpoint, the proliferation of pornography is not purely economic; because, as in any business, supply is related to demand.

       Thus, although it may appear counter-intuitive, the proliferation of pornography is not---as many anti-porn activists argue---the result of social oversexualization. It is to the contrary, it is in reality caused by social sexual repression. The Political Correctness that has been imposed on our culture---thanks largely to Hilary Clinton's phony 'Gender Wars' of the 1990s---has essentially driven healthy relationships between the two genders underground. If we examine the nature of pornography in general we see---outside of a few extreme deviances---exaggerations of otherwise normal sexuality. The fact that the pornographic scenarios are exaggerated represent social sexual deprivation; the same way that a starving man would pounce on a feast after being deprived of food.

      Our culture is so sexually repressed in fact, that normal relationships cannot even be safely pursued unless it has the cover of sexual deviancy attached. There's actually a so-called sexual fetish in the sexual underground called 1950s Household! This is where men and women portray a traditional American household! It's perfectly normal behavior, but so socially unacceptable that people who want a traditional home with traditional gender-roles are compelled to portray as an alternative lifestyle!

      The same is true of so-called BDSM: this is natural masculine dominance and female submission being carried out in an extreme form---but again, a Black Market way of expressing it. Even a lot of homosexuality and transgenderism is the same thing: people turning to the same sex to fulfill what society prevents them from getting from the opposite sex. Men who voyeuristically watch beautiful female porn stars are simply checking out pretty girls (though again in an exaggerated way); which could have legal consequences if they were caught doing it in real life.

      The way to combat pornography proliferation is also, paradoxically, not to pass laws against it. The way to reverse these trends is:

      1.) Stop politicizing sexuality. Repeal all of these speech codes, anti-fraternization rules, relax Age-of-Consent laws, repeal most sexual harassment laws---in short, stop criminalizing and stigmatizing heterosexual behaviors.

       2.) Reject and oppose all of these false economic-based sexual theories; whether they come from the Cultural Marxists or the Alt-Right. Both of these false philosophies have done more damage to American gender-relations than all the pornographic websites combined.

       It is said by some that the Sexual Revolution---another phony idea promoted by vested interests during the previous generation---has irrevocably changed our culture. Wrong. Human Nature and Gender Polarity always come out in the end; ironically, pornographic proliferation is proof of that.

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