Tuesday, September 27, 2016


       A major story came out of the Middle East today, after German journalist Jurgen Todenhofer returned from a trip behind enemy lines and released a report, including an interview with Al-Qaeda commander Abu Al-Ezz. According to the terrorist leader:

      "Yes, the US supports the opposition in Syria, but not directly. They support the countries that support us. But we are not yet satisfied with that support." he added that "these weapons are being supplied by these countries and American advisors have been providing instruction on how to use them."

     This revelation has long been suspected by many; the friendly countries to whom Al-Ezz refers are Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Jordan, the UAE, Bahrain, and Kuwait. These states are controlled by the Wahhabi Cult of Islam, and Al-Qaeda and ISIS are both Wahhabi movements. Obama himself attended a Wahhabi madrassa in Indonesia and his CIA Director, John Brennan is a convert to Wahhabi Islam. Both employ as advisors the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), whose leaders are also Wahhabis. Thus, it is unsurprising that Todenhofer should report:

     "The CIA is coordinating delivery of weapons from Turkey and they bring the weapons to the border. These weapons are taken by terrorist groups, Al-Qaeda, ISIS, and others. This is well-known among these groups. It is very clear that the Americans know that their weapons ultimately will end up in the hands of the terrorists."

      The LGBTQ-friendly Pentagon was quick to deny Todenhofer's allegations, although Todenhofer noted that he had witnessed US-made TOW missiles among the Al-Qaeda arsenals. State Department spokesman Mark Toner blamed the Syrian Government, whom he claimed was forcing the moderate rebels to align with Al-Qaeda.

      Todenhofer dismisses these claims, and pointed out that the Pentagon's Defense Intelligence Agency itself released a memo in 2012 that the Beltway intended to employ such proxies to destabilize the Shiite Islamic states of Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Iran. All of which not coincidentally ban Wahhabism.

     "In a certain way, the commander is repeating what the Pentagon said four years ago." Todenhofer stated. "They are trying overthrow Assad with the help of the Jihadists."

      Naturally, this was not brought up during the presidential debates; nor will it likely be in any future debates. Who was Secretary of State in 2012? Hilary Clinton. And who was the head of the DIA in 2012? General Michael Flynn, Donald Trump's National Security Advisor.

      Does anyone still believe that either candidate is going to anything to fight terrorism? Flynn---who promoted Obama's homosexual agenda in the DIA and is outspokenly in favor of abortion would enjoy seeing a Rainbow Flag over Damascus just as much as Clinton would. That is, after their Jihadist proxies ethnically cleanse any opposition.

      Fortunately, though the schemes of the Far Left and the Alt-Right are proving no match for the Allies. The Syrian Defense Ministry reported today that units of their army had breached Al-Qaeda defensive lines in Downtown Aleppo and liberated the central districts of the city. Al-Qaeda's fate may be decided before the next president is sworn in.  

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