Tuesday, September 20, 2016


     The Game Cult, which has come to dominate much of US Internet blogging, preaches a degenerated philosophy which throughout the course of the current decade has co-opted much of the Men's Rights Movement, a solid portion of the political Alt-Right, and has a fair media presence. Although atheistic in its origins, the Game Cult has taken on an increasingly religious tone; often adopting Christian motifs to justify its positions. Their philosophies are based largely on Evolutionary Psychology and rightist reverse-engineering of already-flawed Cultural Marxist socioeconomic theories. Mostly the Game Cult is characterized by a hatred for women, Jews, and ethnic minorities.

       One of their shamans, Matt Forney, has a blog which recently featured a guest post by one John Saxon titled "Hate is GreatA Philosophical Defense of Misogyny" which mostly features selected quotes from various philosophers and theologians which support Saxon's position.

     His position essentially is the same as the Feminist one: that previous generations were dominated by some ethereal patriarchal conspiracy predicated on misogyny and centered on controlling female sexuality. Saxon basically accepts this as valid; only he argues that this paradigm was based in sound policy. The problem from the very beginning here is that the Feminist Interpretation of History upon which he bases his arguments is, itself, false.

     Instead of taking a few intellectuals out of context, we get a much clearer picture of things by looking at Western popular culture. From the extent Greek and Roman plays and poetry to Mediaeval writers like Chaucer and Boccaccio to Hollywood's Golden Age; what we see is that Western Culture has never bothered to restrain female sexuality very much, if at all. Outside of esoteric theory---in real life---men and women get attracted to one another and things happen. Thus it is a falsehood for Saxon to claim that:

        "Thus in the West, both secular and Christian authorities have proposed positions contrary to Feminism and Women's Rights, based on a philosophical anthropology which sees women not only as innately inferior to men, but having dangerous propensities if left uncontrolled."

       Wrong---the purpose of Western laws in these regards was the recognition that unrestrained human sexuality in general has dangerous social propensities if left uncontrolled. The Postmodern West, with its huge number of fatherless and orphaned children; rampant homosexuality and gender confusion; widespread sexually transmitted diseases---these are all testimonies to what happens when sexual social norms are abandoned. And by both genders, besides.

       Saxon goes on to state that: "The greatest thinkers from antiquity to the modern day have seen that there is a very dark side to women, that if ignored by socially constructed b------t such as romantic love and a misplaced reverence for women, would lead to individual men and society coming undone." Note well the part which we have bolded, because this is also a Feminist argument, imported by the Feminists straight from Marxism.

       These same thinkers that Saxon quotes believed in general that all of humanity has a dark side. Christian writers, especially, speak of original sin, and how such sins could lead to social collapse. And it's also especially worth noting that Christian writers in particular stressed romantic love as an archetype of spiritual love and also preached respect for women. Nowhere in the New Testament is misogyny taught anywhere. It is however taught that by their fruits you shall know them---an important maxim to keep in mind when reading Red Pill treatises.

       Saxon concludes all this by saying: "Therefore even if a position does constitute misogyny, insofar as it expresses a position of strong dislike for women, or makes harsh criticisms of them, it cannot be dismissed for that reason alone."

       Yes, it can: for the simple reason that hatred for women is unnatural to men. Men have to be taught to hate women; either by Red Pill indoctrination, negative experiences with women; or exposure to homosexuality. A general idea of this mindset and its reliance on great thinkers can be gathered by glancing at the sidebar of Forney's blog. Along with Saxon's article, some of the top posts are:

       "Observations on Dating and Banging Girls in the Philippines"

        "How to Crush a Girl's Self-Esteem"

        "How to Beat your Girlfriend or Wife and Get Away With It"

        "Why Fat Girls Don't Deserve to be Loved."

         "If Your Girlfriend Drinks, She's Cheating on You"

      Misogyny is apparently not only a virtue to the Game Cult, but making a virtue of necessity.

       Suffice it to say, there is nothing Christian in any of this. Saxon's Christian sources are largely from some of the more deranged writers of the 15th and 16th Century Witch-Hunts, whom he claims "based most of their cases on classical literature as well as texts from the Old and New Testaments, as did later misogynist writers...if misogyny is a problem, conventional Christianity must go." Of course he fails to mention that the Church condemned the writings of all of the authors he mentioned---even at the time they were published. He also cites Tertullian in connection with the Game Doctrine of the Sin of Eve without noting that Tertullian had left the Church and converted to the Montanist heresy at the time he wrote the treatise which Saxon quoted.

        Saxon does mention in passing that St. Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas "believed in a natural subordination of women while believing in their spiritual equality." Although he fails to mention that both writers stressed the duty of men in providing for and protecting women because of this spiritual equality.

        The sad thing about these writings is that, given our culture's lack of formal education and religious training, ideas spread by the Game Cult actually have a significant following. Yet they are patently false ideas, and dangerous ones at that. Given this cult's history of co-opting other ideologies, it is prudent for all of us to be aware of its teachings and its ulterior motives.

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