Sunday, September 18, 2016


     It has been a violent weekend here in the Prozac Nation. A series of bombings hit the New York Metro Area, a knife attack in St. Cloud, Minnesota, and mass-shootings in Los Angeles and Orlando. Two policemen were ambushed in Philadelphia. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the Minnesota attack, in spite of Obama's bombing the Syrian Army on their behalf. The FBI and NYPD announced the bombings are related, though no motive is yet known.

      The ever-vigilant Corporate Media immediately pounced on Donald Trump for referring to the NYC attacks as a bomb, in spite of referring to it that way themselves repeatedly. And Hilary was of course quick (sort of) to chime in.

     There has been, beyond doubt, an upsurge in this type of random violence in the United States during the last 30 years. That this trend has coincided with the cultural shift which has taken place during this time, however, is no coincidence.

      The unholy pentangle promoted by Cultural Marxism: the breakdown of the family, the abandonment of traditional education, the rise of the sensationalist media, the social and economic marginalization of masculinity, and the proliferation of narcotics---these factors have rotted America's spiritual infrastructure as surely as Wall Street corruption and political malfeasance have rotted our physical and economic one. It is one thing to advocate, as many bloggers do, a return to religious values. But infrastructure supporting such a return is deeply lacking here.

     It has been said often that other countries do not see this level of random violence. But what is not often said is that the levels of random violence also seem to be absent in proportion to where the above-listed societal ills are absent as well. A culture with strong families, a good educational system, a responsible media, a vibrant manhood not dependent on drugs is obviously going to be a more stable one, regardless of its religious inclinations.

     The root cause of this wave of violence thus stems from spiritual poverty, in a manner of speaking. A godless, uneducated people with little sense of self-worth and significance are easy prey for ideologies and irrational ideas that offer quick and easy ways of supplying that spiritual need---whether it be drug addiction, membership in a gang, or political/cultish fanaticism. Violence is the quickest shortcut to fulfilling all of that. None of the recent mass-shooters, for example, would ever have risen to any notoriety: today their names are forever historically linked with places like Sandy Hook, Columbine, the Pulse Nightclub, etc. Others fancy themselves going down as martyrs for some supposedly higher cause like the 9/11 attackers, the Murrah Office bomber, and all these various police-shooters.

    Essentially, what our so-called Cultural Elites have created is a cyclical social paradigm which both creates and capitalizes upon a culture of violence---and at the same time is dependent upon it. It couldn't be otherwise, because Marxism---the prominent philosophy of the Cultural Elites is predicated upon destabilizing societies and their violent overthrow. But as we have seen from the Bolshevik Revolution onwards, the same violence needed to establish such a culture is also needed to sustain it. It is no different in Postmodern America. Vast political power and concentrations of wealth both create the conditions for violence and terrorism---at the same time the threat of violence and terrorism justify monopolizing power and profit.

      This cycle will not be broken until our spiritual infrastructure is restored. Whether or not we accomplish this remains to be seen.


  1. This was really well said. Spiritual infrastructure, that's a great term. I often speak of that same poverty of spirit as being at the root of what ails us.

    1. Thank you, and feel free to use the term if you wish. There really is a spiritual poverty in our culture right now. When we had things like stable families and general societal belief in religious values, there was always that cohesion that lost souls could fall back upon. Today that is missing and they fall into false ideologies and irrationalism.