Wednesday, September 28, 2016


        Radio talk-show host Michael Savage has been complaining loudly for the last two days that he was 'sabotaged' by New York radio station WABC. Savage was in the middle of pontificating on Hilary Clinton's health issues when WABC pre-empted his program for coverage of the slightly more important presidential debate. Savage, who has a medical background, was explaining how Clinton suffers from Parkinson's Disease---for which has about as much credibility as this doctor, who claimed that Clinton was poisoned by Russian agents. (As a side note: Savage has claimed that the Zika Virus and other epidemics are spread by illegal immigrants. He has also claimed that fruits and vegetables grown in Mexico cause dysentery.)

       To an ego like Savage's, the pre-emption could only mean one thing:

        "I've been sabotaged on-air. To destroy support for Trump." he tweeted, giving out WABC's phone number in the process, "I spent 30 minutes talking about Hilary's health problems. I read you every fact about it. I then read the pharmacology of Levodopa which is used to treat Parkinson's Disease, and right in the middle of that discussion of Levodopa and its side effects, I was cut off across the country. Pure sabotage! No advance notice from me or my producers..."

       Awkwardly enough, though, Curtis Sliwa and Ron Kuby---whose show pre-empted Savage's also tweeted this, early that same Monday morning:

       "Curtis and Kuby are live from Hofstra University today from 12 noon to 5 pm! Listen today on WABC Radio."

       Savage frequently complains that he is a victim of media bias. This in spite of being a multimillionaire with the 6th-largest talk show in the US; a multiple-time best-selling author; and a recent inductee into the Talk Radio Hall of Fame. He also writes regularly for World Net Daily, along with Manosphere Game Cult leader, Vox Day.

       Michael Savage is something of an icon among the Alt-Right Manosphere. Like them, he believes in Evolutionary Psychology, the Alpha Male, and has a general distrust for traditional religion---Catholicism in particular. His rhetorical style is very similar to theirs: inflammatory, stereotyped, extremely narcissistic, and conspiratorial. Savage has a particular dislike for immigrants---although he himself is one of the few media figures barred from entry into the United Kingdom as an undesirable alien in 2009.

        Savage claimed at that time that Left-Wing Media was behind the ban. The British Home Office stated that Savage "falls into the category of fomenting hatred, of such extremist views and expressing them in such a way as to cause inter-community tension or even violence if that person were let into the country." It is worthy to note that other Americans banned with Savage were the Rev. Fred Phelps of Westboro Church infamy and former Ku Klux Klan chief, Stephen Black. Savage's ban was upheld by British authorities in 2011.

       Nonetheless, Alt-Right pundits are running with the story that Savage was censored, even though his show was broadcast as normally since. Savage said today that:

        "This is just a taste of what's coming. I have told you that if Hilary wins, there will be censorship of talk radio and other aspects of the media. Everyone knows that. We all know that she is a monster. She does not believe in freedom of speech. She has an enemies list---I'm on it. The people behind her are some of the worst people in American history---maybe in human history---who will stop at nothing to destroy their enemies."

        We certainly concede that the Clintons are an evil and vindictive gang who oppose freedom; but suggesting that WABC censored a broadcast for arguing that she has Parkinson's Disease just displays what types of egomaniacs lead the Alt-Right. We also concede that the Corporate Media does dishonest and disreputable things on a regular basis. But pre-empting a talk show to cover a presidential debate hardly rises to the level of media malfeasance. Incompetence, maybe, for not notifying Savage of the pre-emption---but nothing more.

          This type of hysterical narcissism is another way that the Alt-Right demonstrates its temperamental similarities with the Far Left. The Corporate Media and the Clinton Machine are guilty of many crimes. Concentrate on those; not some personal grievance from another member of the Corporate Media.




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