Tuesday, September 6, 2016


     The Wahhabi Cult---an apostate sect of Islam---represents one of the greatest threats to world peace and to free peoples everywhere. Wahhabis are represented in groups like the Moslem Brotherhood, ISIS, the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Al-Nusra, Boko Harum, and Al-Shebaab; and are behind the vast majority of the world's terrorist attacks; as well as being significant players in international criminal activities including narcotics, illegal weapons, and slave trafficking.

     The Wahhabis are never called to account for their crimes because the countries that sponsor them enjoy the protection of Western powers, the US in particular. Saudi Arabia and its immediate neighbors: Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Jordan, the UAE, and Oman are responsible for financing, training, arming this band of dangerous fanatics; and also for funding Wahhabi madrasas worldwide.

     This week, the leading Islamic Imam of Saudi Arabia broadcast a sermon from the Great Mosque of Mecca offering the following prayer:

     "O Allah, grant victory, respect, and power to our brothers in the Jihad, in Yemen, in Syria, in Iraq and everywhere. O Lord of the World, grant them victory over the godless Shiites. Grant them victory over the treacherous Jews and over the malevolent Christians, and over the untrustworthy hypocrites. O Allah, grant them help, victory, and strength."

     This is the spiritual leader of the government to whom Obama and Bush Junior bowed; from whom Bill and Hilary Clinton took bribes; and whom Bush Senior defended with American lives in a 1991 war. This government has bought $76 billion dollars is US-made military hardware since 2001 and hosts a US military base. The Saudis likewise own billions in US assets and stocks---including many stocks in media outlets.

     One has to wonder seriously why do the Saudis and their confederates exert so much leverage over Washington and Wall Street? That they are all major oil producers is true; but most likely that is only part of the answer. Oil is a legally traded commodity. Narcotics, weapons, and slaves are not. If a major power was engaged in these criminal activities secretly, Saudi Arabia and its satellites would be the ideal places to transit them and launder profits. Authoritarian regimes with lots of money and no transparency can hide a lot of secrets.

     Now which major power is most heavily invested in these Wahhabi-run sheikdoms? By logical extension, this same major power must also have a large domestic black market of its own for these kinds of contraband. Which country, for example, is the world's leader consumer of methamphetamines and opioid drugs? The US. And which country runs covert weapons deals to people like the Mexican drug cartels? Same answer.

      Which brings us to the uncomfortable matter of human trafficking. The US has been among the most internationally vocal about suppressing such things---but the thousands of Yahzidi, Syrian, Nigerian, and Somalian women and children who've been kidnapped by the Wahhabis are nonetheless never found. And given the destination of other contraband originating from the Middle East, we think that some reasonable conclusions may be drawn as to the whereabouts of these missing women and children.

      But unfortunately the Ameroboob isn't inclined to connect these kinds of dots these days; after all, the NFL season is starting and we have to fight over whether some player protests the National Anthem; or welcome the first female coach; or applaud the first openly-gay player---or something. Besides, considering that one presidential candidate has real estate investments in the Arabian Peninsula and the other's been taking payoffs from the Wahhabis for decades, it's doubtful that our policy will change.


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