Thursday, September 22, 2016


    For a second night, outraged citizens here in the Prozac Nation are killing one another in the streets of Charlotte, North Carolina. Egged on by the Corporate Media and George Soros' Black Lives Matter anarchists, one person is dead and seven more police injured (so far). Property damage has been extensive. For whatever it's worth, NC Governor Pat McCrory declared a State of Emergency

     "Any violence directed towards our citizens or police officers or destruction of property should not be tolerated." McCrory said, after tolerating it for two days. 

      In contrast to this, a wonderful story appeared in SANA News. SANA is the official news agency of Syria, and gave an instructive lesson of how people rise above uncontrolled violence when they still have a sense of humanity left.

      SANA reported that in the city of Lattakia, a town liberated from the terrorists shortly after the Russian Expeditionary Force arrived, a mass-wedding took place involving 120 couples. The grooms were soldiers in the Syrian Army and the brides were women who were widowed or orphaned during the fighting. The ceremony was sponsored by the Syriatel Communications Company, which had arranged two previous mass-weddings.

      Syriatel sponsors these wedding as part of a program launched by the company's directors, called Our Martyrs, Our Responsibility. The program reaches out to assist families whose male providers have been killed in the Civil War---unfortunately a very high number of families in today's Syria.

     The event's theme was "In Good Times and Bad" a phrase from the Islamic wedding ceremony. The event featured a pageant honoring fallen soldiers, along with some traditional Arab dances and a wedding feast in honor of the 120 newlyweds.

     Alaa Salamour, one of the executives of Syriatel told SANA: "Syriatel has a doctrine that we all believe in, that is to stand by the side of the Syrian Arab Army heroes. And being loyal to the martyrs comes through supporting their families. This is an event of national victory, embodying the culture of life and hope."

     "The culture of life and hope." What a stark contrast to the death and destruction wreaked on the streets of Charlotte. Wouldn't it be a better thing if, like the directors of Syriatel, George Soros thought that sponsoring weddings in the black community would be better than sponsoring riots?

        But we no longer have a culture of life and hope. Our martyrs are dead white males and abortion, homosexual unions and adoptions, Feminism, and the Game Cult dominate American family policy. Marriage and children, not so much. This is one reason why the Obama-Clinton-Soros policy towards Syria has failed. They badly underestimated the character of Syrian people---because moral character is something that they do not comprehend.

       So while Charlotte burns, Lattakia lives on, with the promises of new lives and new loves as the horrors of the recent Al-Qaeda occupation recede into memory. There's a lesson to be drawn from this contrast, if we really hope to make America great again.

                                              Good Men and Women Doing Good Things


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