Sunday, December 10, 2017


   This is great news. President Trump confirmed today plans---to go into effect by year's end---to audit the US Department of Defense. The audit will be carried out by 2,400 independent third-party auditors and, by Executive Order, will have permanent annual audits beginning in 2018. 

       This is already shaping up to be a bigger swamp-draining endeavor since HHS began aggressive audits of Obamacare last Spring. The Department of Defense has never been audited since its founding in 1947. Pentagon Comptroller David Norquist pointed out that lack of transparency in the Pentagon has not only shaken public trust, it has caused budgetary concerns in Congress over military-projects where it is unclear as how the money will be spent. 

      Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White said that the scope of the audit "will examine every aspect of the department from personnel to property to weapons to bases." Now let's put this in some perspective.

       Many Conservatives have a blind trust in our military that is wholly unwarranted. Most of them are thinking of WW2, Korea, Vietnam, etc., but not of the modern military. Three decades of the Deep State, with its corruption and Cultural Marxism, have impacted our military just as surely as it has public education, the legal system, and other public and private institutions. For example, the Fat Leonard Scandal---which occurred during the Obama Administration---was the largest military scandal in history. The Media rarely reported anything about it; and it was only because a Navy whistleblower exposed the scam to Singaporean Police that it came to public attention at all. Audits would prevent scandals of this magnitude from happening. 

         Over the last three decades, we've seen shady defense contractors like Fat Leonard overcharging the government; ultra-Leftists taking control of military academies and forcing PC standards; infiltration of military by feminists and homosexuals; lowered recruiting standards and massive military crimes and subsequent cover-ups. Some of these cover-ups involved illegally imprisoning innocent servicemen on fake sexual charges. At least three such convictions have been overturned this year. 

          So, no, the Pentagon is not above reproach; at least not any more. Thankfully, President Trump had the political courage to take on what's usually a sacred cow among Republican politicians. He understands that the cultural shift Leftward has taken its toll in the Armed Forces. If these problems aren't fixed, we'll lose our global military advantage just as we've fallen behind elsewhere. Although we should be promoting peace, a strong military is our greatest protection. We must be at least equal to other superpowers militarily to ensure our independence. 

             Which brings up another issue: American defense spending---like our public education spending---is much higher than other countries; yet others are getting better results. What we've seen of Russia's military in Syria is a great example. They accomplished what we didn't---at a fraction of the cost. China---the other rival superpower---is untested, but is known to have some very sophisticated weaponry. We can cut costs and stay ahead of these others, as Trump said in his speech today. 

            Our military used to be known for its efficiency. That's how we won wars when the odds were against us; and how we became a superpower. The new audit program will clean up corruption and eliminate waste that is holding us back in peacetime and would be catastrophic in a major war. 



  1. Well, this is all good, but it sounds like the coo against trump is in the form of sexual harassment.... organized by the mainstream media.

    Do you think trump will be able to enact these plans before the vaginal mofia outs him from office?