Wednesday, December 20, 2017


       As we've probably all seen over the years, the Whacko Left Wing has an especial dislike for the Christmas Season. While others are joining with family and friends. exchanging gifts and celebrating; Leftists are typically shaming us. They point to the drug addicts and street bums (i.e. the 'homeless') and try to shame us for enjoying big Christmas Dinners. They shame us for giving gifts to those about whom we care, when the money could have been spent on one of their crackpot causes. They protest Christmas displays and ladies wearing new fur coats; they block traffic and chain themselves to store doors, etc. 

       And the First Family is a natural target of their wrath because they take Christmas seriously and encourage others to do the same. Ivanka Kushner---attractive, cultured, successful, and a mother---is a natural target of the kind of bitterness and envy that drives motivates most Leftists. Thus when Ivanka paid a surprise visit to a high school in Norwalk, Connecticut, some parents were outraged that they weren't notified in advance so that their young wards wouldn't have to endure personal exposure to a Trump.

       Ivanka was accompanied by the CEO of IBM Corporation---who incidentally was the one who invited her to visit. IBM funds a program at this school which allows students to take college-level technology courses for high-school credit. News 12 New Jersey reported that some parents 'who oppose the President's views' took their students home in protest. 

       Actually, in September, President Trump signed an Executive Order increasing funding for programs just like these. So what were these people opposing? Well, reading through the comments on News 12's website, we get a glimpse of their mentality. One dolt named Ed Miller snorted at a Trump supporter: "What evidence do you have that she's caring and smart?" and at another: "So you think it's an honor to be in a room with someone who had an ongoing sexual relationship with her own father when in her teens?" and another: "Who knows what really happened there since her meeting was in secret?"

        Another nutcase named Marsha Garn opined: "Ivanka was only thinking of herself. It never crossed her mind that she might be doing something wrong or offensive by not notifying parents that she planned to meet with their children."  

        A kook called 'Binary Kilowatt' added: "All you supporters forget she's a Trump. The very name alone sparks disgust. The entire family has had dealings with the Italian Mafia... I wouldn't want my kids anywhere near these POS". 

        While these things were happening in Connecticut, Trash-Culture pop star 'Eminem' released a new Christmastide ditty which fantasizes about finding Ivanka's body in the trunk of a car. Left-Wing critics actually complained that the song was misogynist, without a word of complaint about threatening the Presidential Family. 

         These are the kinds of people who'd now be running things if Hillary Clinton had won last year. Which gives us something else to be thankful for at Christmas. 


  1. Well said. I enjoy reading all your posts, actually.

    Kind of fun, long ago IBM paid for some classes for me. Later I got to take care of a guy who was one of their first employees and the wild stories he told were quite entertaining. Back in the day, when airplanes were just starting to catch on and "IBM" was really nothing more than cardboard cards with a series of holes in them....

    I'm delighted to have the Trumps in the White House this year. I love the decorations, the touch of class, the sense of pride over our traditions. All the negativity the Left tends to bring with them, just gets tiresome.

    1. Yes, it does get tiresome. Usually, I leave most of the criticism of the Left to other bloggers unless they do something like this that's really over the top. Or in organizations like the NFL which needs exposure.

      Looking back at some of the comments on the News-12 site, it's apparently getting on some Liberals' nerves too. There were a few comments from Liberals to the effect that the Left's comments 'were not helpful'.