Wednesday, May 6, 2020


  As we move midway through the 9th Week of the COVID Coup, the Scum in the Corporate Media have been pushing a narrative of 'a second impending outbreak' alongside of increasingly brutal repression and tyrannical mandates implemented by Rogue Regimes. The genuine fear at this point is that, the longer this travesty drags on, the more accepting of these measures the people will become. 

 But the Corporate Media is having a tougher time these days; which is why they are among the Elites begging for censorship of the Internet. The intrepid folks at Project Veritas recently caught CBS News blatantly staging a photo-op at a Michigan hospital. 

 While trying to ginn up support for the flailing despot Whitmer, CBS News got employees at the Cherry Hill Medical Center in Grand Rapids to form a line outside the hospital to pose as patients. The network and the hospital since have been pointing fingers at each other; and both denying any responsibility for the sham. My suspicion is that they colluded together but fell out after they were exposed. 

 This isn't the first time that CBS has been caught spreading fake news about the COVID 'Crisis.' In April, they posted footage from overburdened Italian hospitals and palmed them off as scenes from New York. The same month they were forced to retract a fake video and story about surgical mask shortages in Chicago. As President Trump has said, the MSM is a national disgrace. 

  The Cherry Hill Medical Center itself isn't immune from partisan photo-ops. In early March, Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden appeared there where he was endorsed by the slimy Governor Witmer. The facility is a 'non-profit' though its CEO, Tasha Blackmon, draws down nearly $200,000 per year. 

  The 'frontline heroes'---Big Media and Big Pharma---everywhere we turn we see fakes. It's no wonder that people are seeing through the fraud and beginning to rise up against it. In California yesterday, Mendocino County became the 5th to break away from Gavin Newsom's iron-handed rule. In Alabama, Sheriffs Mark Moon and Hoss Mack of Blount and Baldwin Counties respectively, announced yesterday that the autocratic orders of RINO Governor Ivey are not going to be enforced. In Michigan, the Sheriffs and Prosecutors of Missaukee and Osceola Counties joined four others in refusing to enforce orders. Idaho County, Idaho; and Douglas and Tazewell Counties in Illinois have also broken ranks. 

  Hats off to Project Veritas. The more these crimes are exposed, the sooner the Rebellion will fall. 


  1. 4th or 5th time CBS has got caught doing this during this covid thing...

    1. Documenting all of CBS' fake news would take a whole separate blog

  2. On a different issue...why is Vox Day now celebrating Catholic Prosecutions in China?
    What a loser.
    He's simping for China now?

    1. Yes, he's been at this for awhile.

      He's even been somewhat excited by the theory that COVID was a Chinese-made bioweapon. Right now, he seems to be under some delusion that there's an ethnic cleansing going on that him and his fellow-Alphas will survive; and of course, the Church must go since it's 'SJW Converged.' I notice though that he isn't in any hurry to suggest that him and his cult all move over to China, though.

      He even seems quite