Saturday, July 4, 2020


    The three-day weekend on this July 4th hopefully will give the downtrodden and dispirited American public some time to reflect on this year. We are right now in an ongoing coup d'etat, though thanks to the Media Slime, many are in a state of denial unaware of what's happening right before their eyes. They've all sorts of media circuses to distract attention from the New Normal. 

    "Residents of the small New Hampshire town of Bedford were shocked to learn today of the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell,  former consort of disgraced billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. Described by neighbors as a 'gentle giant', Maxwell was arrested in a local supermarket after customers complained that she was standing less than six feet away and maskless. Investigators also found racist material---reportedly a box of Uncle Ben's Rice and an Eskimo Pie---in her grocery cart. Upon interrogation, it was learned that she and Epstein engaged in heterosexual activities and once watched a Washington Redskins football game after a night of sex. Horrified investigators jailed her and have put her on a Suicide Watch; but don't believe any Right-Wing conspiracy theories if she actually dies. 

   "In other news, Democratic leaders are blasting the President's racist, homophobic, and ignorant Mt. Rushmore speech. Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden said of the infamous diatribe: 'Orange Man Bad.' We'll have a full analysis with a panel of experts on CNN Tonight with Don Lemon..."

   You get the idea. The MSM actually deserves to be laughed at more than it merits analytical criticism. But what's no laughing matter is the mass-hysteria that the Press has been whipping on since February. 

  Americans need to pause this holiday season and start thinking for a change. Has anybody noticed that the COVID hysteria broke out less than one month after the Democrats' final attempt at Impeachment failed? Was there the slightest bit of discussion or debate at the legislative levels before Democrat and RINO governors simply declared a State of Emergency and began ruling by decree? 

   And, as we've predicted many times now, the 'Reopening' is all fake. Now that the Summer of Love is fading before the next manufactured crisis---the 'Resurgent COVID outbreak' is dominating the news. Rebel governors are already rolling back the 'reopenings' and issuing absurd decrees like mandatory mask-wearing despite the fact that we've all known from the beginning that masks are useless. 

    Instead of falling for this again, Americans need to stop and think. What caused this new 'outbreak?' The Insurgents insist that it's not the riots. It isn't because of close contact in 'essential' businesses before. No; it's because we 'reopened' too soon, according to Mad Scientist-in-Chief Fauci. 

    So, in other words, not social distancing doesn't cause COVID outbreaks and neither does not 'masking up'; at the same, however, we need to mandate these practices because they supposedly prevent the disease from spreading. Then again, masks don't have the ability to stop a virus, but we have to wear them anyway because they're mandated---and that's alright too, since virologists don't actually know at this point whether COVID is airborne or spread by close contact. But gloves aren't mandated because they're too porous to prevent contamination by contact. 

   Some of the mad doctors are saying that the virus has mutated into a new form. They don't know what it does or how it spreads; but that's reason enough to forbid you from visiting a gym with a dozen people; but not a big box store with hundreds of people. And it's not dangerous to join with the jolly neighbors to burn police cars and loot the local Safeway; but going to church is definitely unsafe. 

   All of this should tell us that all of these emergency measures---which they tell us one moment are temporary and a 'New Normal' the next---are based on nothing but a lie. Yes, COVID-19 is a real virus. A virus with a .05% mortality rate; a virus that over half of those infected are asymptomatic; a virus with an 85% recovery rate. In other words, it's a new strain of the Common Flu, and it's being treated like the Black Death---even though none of the mandates associated with it actually work. 


     Apparently part of the New Normal is mixing social restrictions with periods of psychotic rage. “It’s clear to me that we’re not going back into a national lockdown, but what people should expect are rolling periods and rotating areas of reopening phases,” David Rosenberg, founder and president of Toronto’s Rosenberg Research told interviewers in Money magazine last week, "What is more likely is a patchwork system of local response, and stepped-up promotion and enforcement of partial measures like mask-wearing and social distancing. All of which will help, but economies won’t really be let loose until the “Big Kahuna” of a vaccine eventually comes along."

    The vaccine is going end all of this just like anti-Terrorism laws after the fall of Al-Qaeda and ISIS were repealed and life got back to normal again. It didn't happen then and it's not intended that it should happen now. 

   So in June, the Elites figured out that the intervals between these epidemics shouldn't be wasted, so they've decided to employ them with rounds of Cultural Cleansing. This last month's was built on as much of a lie as the COVID 'crisis' is. A policeman in Minneapolis subdued a known thug with a legal (and non-lethal) martial arts hold. Even though said thug was talking the entire time, the consensus was that the officer choked him to death. How he could speak with a broken windpipe, nobody bothered to ask; but we're talking about a populace already conditioned to believe that a bad cold could wipe out millions of people. Just like most COVID fatalities were related to pre-existing conditions, so the thug George Floyd died of stress complicated by drug abuse. 

   Now, only a week before, police were held up among the frontline heroes bravely risking COVID exposure to keep us all safe. Then, suddenly, they became emblematic of Systemic Racism (whatever that means) and the Elites launched a campaign of defunding and disbanding police forces. That---along with releasing inmates during the lockdowns---led to a surge in crimes; however we're told that these aren't really crimes. Instead, they are only justifiable expressions of outrage felt by the oppressed communities who've suffered from White Privilege. 

   Nobody actually knows what White Privilege and Systemic Racism actually mean---or even if they really exist---but all the unthinking American dimwit has to know is that they must mean very bad things and that the demands of whoever opposes them must be good things. What destroying national monuments, scrubbing the names of national heroes from public places, and changing century-old corporate logos has to do with a very tenuous case of alleged police brutality in a Minnesota city is anybody's guess---and so far nobody has bothered to ask. 

   These are things that most Americans need to think about on this 4th: which can be summed up by saying: Pull your collective heads out of your collective butts and start thinking for yourselves for a change. Shake the Cannabis-charred cobwebs from your brains and realize that you're being played for fools. Stop pretending that compliance will save you: the Elites will only tolerate your stupidity and cowardice as long as you are considered useful to them. 

   For the actual, thinking American whose Reason and Faith are feeling shaken right now, you should reflect instead that we---as a people---have been in tough spots before. In 1950, former President Harry Truman said: "Communism is godless. Faith is the foundation of our democracy: faith in oneself, faith in one's neighbor, and Faith in God." It has always been a minority whose perseverance has carried the majority. Since the Declaration of Independence was signed, consider how hopeless the 4th of July must have looked in 1780, 1863, and 1942 when we were locked in fights for liberty and on the defensive. In 2020, we're on the defensive too, but we can still win this fight. Keep the Faith---it's our most important defense right now.


  1. I'll keep my cellphone out and ready to video record at the voting polls.

    Provided the democrats don't force everybody to mail in their votes this year - wink

  2. Keep the Faith---it's our most important defense right now.


    I will confess to having some very bad days,Night. Most of them can be traced to the days I skip my morning routine of journal time, spiritual reading, prayer, and organizing the day ahead.

    I guess it's sort of selfish to be reflecting on how my life has changed. Being retired means my trips to the library, grocery store, Costco et al, are a big part of my social life. Gone.