Wednesday, July 15, 2020


    All Conservatives believe in the Free Enterprise System, but almost all of us condemn Crony-Capitalism. Most of us believe in very limited Government interference in the Economy (along with no interference in Government by Big Business). These limitations are centered on laws restricting unfair competition, various forms of corporate corruption---and, to a degree, insuring the rights of working people. Between the end of the Reagan Administration and the dawn of the Trump Administration, our Economic System became mired in the worst forms of Big Government and Corporate collusion.

   President Trump has taken some initial steps to dismantle the Oligarchy and break its Deep State ties. But as we've seen this year, the Robber Barons are still very powerful; and, in fact, have been driving the Planned-emic as well as giving tacit support to the Race Rioters in spite of suffering some collateral property damage. Why they are doing this is not too hard to figure out. The lockdowns, the fake race to develop a vaccine, numerous (well-targeted) Corporate bailouts, the riots, and 'essential business' status has resulted in wiping out scores of thousands of small businesses. And midsize businesses have been hit even harder. The resulting bankruptcies of these midsize firms will allow predatory adventurers like George Soros to swoop in and buy up their competition for pennies on the dollar. The vacancies created by small business failures will create huge economic vacuums for the Big Boys to fill. 

    Wall Street originally began as way to finance American Industry. Simply put, investors bought shares of a company and this money was capital for the company to expand operations. Sometimes investors were paid interest (dividends) which were contingent on the profit. It was what we would call today a Venture Capital venue. During the postwar boom of the 1920's, hucksters moved in and began selling stock-packages (what we would call today Investment Portfolios) to the public at large. That resulted in the Great Fleecing of America which is known historically as the Great Depression.

   Franklin Roosevelt's reforms lasted until the Early 1990s, after a major Recession. New capital from the emerging Tech Industry really saved from America from a repeat of the 1930s; but the Clintons and RINO friends in Congress reopened the floodgates again. Today Wall Street is little more than organized crime masquerading as a public retirement fund. They've learned from the past and become too big to fail (or so they think). They've built many fail-safes into the system which are holding back an economic collapse while allowing the guys at the top to amass monopolistic power and profit. All of this really a House of Cards that stands on a foundation of public credulity and greed---and is ultimately backed by government bayonets. 

  If any one doubts any of this, just consider that financial oligarchs actually own the Mainstream Media, owns billions in endowments to Left-Wing Academia, owns thousands of politicians and judges, and freely donates billions to phony 'social justice' organizations fronting groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa. 

  While the power and profit motives aren't hard to see in Wall Street's activities, stories pop up in the Media that seem---well, just weird. Take for example these logo changes and anti-White policies being enacted. They don't make any sense in terms of a power-grab or a profit-play. 

   Then I saw an article off a CNN news-wire that topped them all.  It seems that Burger King restaurants---no stranger to doing incredibly stupid politically correct things---has decided to take a stand on Global Warming (which is yet another manufactured crisis). Somebody at Corporate Headquarters found out that cattle actually emit Methane from eating hay; and Methane allegedly contributes to Global Warming. BK has thus decided to alter their herds' diets so that the cattle pass less gas. No, really. With the Nation on the verge of falling into the hands of Communists, the CEO's at Burger King are worried that their cattle have the Vapors and they must take immediate action against environmental catastrophe. 

  Never mind that cattle have been doing this since cattle existed; that's too logical. I began to suspect that something else is going on here. This is just not rational. Then it occurred to me that CEOs and Corporate policy makers exhibit many of the same behavioral patterns as other drug-addled Americans. Are they just playing to an audience, or---

  Lo and behold there have been actual studies on this topic. For obvious reasons, none made the MSM headlines; but it appears that narcotics abuse and addiction among our Top 1% has been escalating now for at least a decade. A CDC Report that came out late in Obama's Administration concluded that:

   "These findings indicate significant increases in heroin use across a growing number of demographic groups, including women, the privately insured, and persons with higher incomes. In fact, the gaps in heroin use rates between groups such as men and women, persons with low and higher incomes, and Medicaid and private insurance beneficiaries have narrowed during the past decade. These findings are consistent with recent research documenting significant demographic shifts among people entering heroin addiction treatment over the last 40 to 50 years (4). In addition, persons using heroin are abusing multiple other substances, especially cocaine and opioid pain relievers."

   Well, well, well. This throws a little different light on the subject doesn't it? Sunrise House, a rehab facility that specializes in treatment of professionals noted that "A study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine confirms the results of the Gallup Poll. The journal study revealed that individuals living in higher-income neighborhoods had higher rates of alcohol and marijuana use than those who live in lower-income neighborhoods. These results may indicate that wealthier individuals have easier access to alcohol and marijuana, both because of their financial means and their social activities. On the other hand, this study and the Gallup Poll may also contradict the stereotype that low-income individuals have higher levels of stress, which leads to higher rates of drug and alcohol use. It is possible that the factors causing stress among wealthy and middleclass Americans — such as financial concerns, relationship conflicts, or parenting issues — are as influential and harmful as the factors that cause anxiety or depression among the poor."

    Many of us have long suspected that a large percentage of these financial crooks were trafficking in narcotics, but these studies seem to suggest that our Economic Elites are definitely among the top consumers of illicit dope. It starts fairly young too among that class. A rehab center in Malibu published a piece based on observations of one of its affiliates in affluent Danbury, Connecticut.  

"Danbury is not the only place this type story is happening. More and more affluent, white young adults are struggling with drug addiction. In 2011, a study showed that drug abuse was so rampant among young adults that—at a rate of 4,500 new abusers a day—1.7 million new users abused a prescription drug for the first time that year. Seventy-five percent of those users were white. Another trend is kids getting addicted to strong prescription painkillers and then switching to heroin as a cheaper alternative as their habit grows uncontrollable. “One OxyContin pill—a trademark version of the narcotic painkiller oxycodone—costs about $80; a gram of cocaine is $50, and heroin is even cheaper at about $10 a bag, area experts told the News-Times. Kids are also mixing drugs with little thought to any complications that might occur and even hosting pharm parties where unknown prescription pills are offered to guests. Local substance abuse officials and police also see teens selling or bartering prescription drugs raided from family stashes, with some even stealing the drugs or altering medications they are able to buy over the counter."

   This is Freddie Fratboy's preparation for a position on some board somewhere. The ruthless desperation of a drug addict combined with the abusers' deadened reason and moral sense and the modern Wolf of Wall Street is born. 

   Actual numbers on the percentage of drug users among this class is elusive; some suggest 10-30 percent are probably within range. All agree that alcoholism and prescription drug abuse is far above Middle and even Lower class Americans, however. 

   So there's a picture of America's financial Oligarchs. Everywhere one turns in America, the so-called Elite Class turns out to be nothing but a collection of losers who have the resources to pretend they're above the rest of us. This is who've been running our Economy to a large extent over the last 30 years---and they'll have all of it if the current Coup succeeds. We can't let this happen.


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  1. Right on the money, NW!! Wow!! It looks pretty grim (health-wise!) for new grads - especially those with MBAs!! YIKES! I'm SO glad that at my age, competing in today's job market is NOT on my agenda!