Tuesday, August 11, 2020


     Since the beginning of this site, one of our main emphases has been the fact that ideological fanatics and international crooks form the greatest threat to Western Civilization and the freedoms and standards we've won over several millennia. Fanning paranoia over a relatively routine influenza outbreak and inciting cross-country riots has enabled these criminals to take control of entire states and to threaten the very seat of national power. 

      In our last article, we had occasion to mention another of the shady organizations driving this Insurrection: the Berggruen Institute. We've exposed similar groups like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the slimy gangs behind Black Lives Matter. As a rule, Conservatives don't realize the power these kinds of groups wield on the Left. Our think tanks operate much differently. Conservative policy institutes typically take donations from individuals and use the money to promote candidates who reflect our ideals. These Leftist think-tanks are bankrolled by vested financial interests and staffed by politically influential people. Their goal is universally to assist Corporate looters and political despots to facilitate their monopolization of power and profit. 

    The Berggruen Institute was founded in 2010 by billionaire Nicolas Berggruen, a German national who made a fortune on Wall Street through his trust corporation, Bergguen Holdings. This company has massive real estate contracts both here and in Europe. They control 31 trade schools---mostly focusing on training for jobs in Big Pharma. They also own Fusion Transport---one of the largest trucking companies in the US; as well as Transport Labor Holding Company, the largest American trucking and shipping facilitators. They own Sierra Air Conditioning, the largest air conditioning supplier in Nevada; the IMS Group, an international furniture manufacturer; Phenomenon Consulting, which works with Hollywood; and Global Supply Chain Finance, an international accounting firm. In India, they practically control the car-rental and taxi services nationwide; as well as the largest construction equipment rental service. In Turkey, they own 24 mineral mines. This is fairly typical of the financial cartels backing Leftist interests in the US. 

     Nicolas Berggruen himself is a real weirdo. Despite being a real-estate mogul, he prefers to rent condos in various cities where he conducts business. He never married; instead he paid a sperm-bank and two surrogate mothers to give him two kids and is a single father. Berggruen is widely suspected in Europe of being both a homosexual and a drug addict. He was a major donor to Barack Obama and to Chuck Schumer while on Wall Street. 

    The Berggruen Institute's policy statement is as follows: "We live in a time of great transformations. From Capitalism to Democracy to the Global Order, our institutions are faltering. The very meaning of the human is fragmenting. The Bergguen Institute was established in 2010 to give foundational ideas about how to reshape political and social institutions in the face of these great transformations. We work across cultures, disciplines, and political boundaries, engaging our great thinkers to develop and promote long-term answers to the most challenging questions of the 21st Century."

   Some of these great thinkers sit on Berggruen's Board of Directors. Of its 17 members, 8 are active CEOs of financial trusts, 3 are former heads-of-state, and 2 are university bureaucrats. Media figures Arianna Huffington and Geoffrey Cowan sit on the Board; as does WHO bureaucrat Ray Chambers. The Chairman of the Board is former Pakistani Prime Minister and former CitiBank official, Shaukat Aziz. Aziz is widely hated in his home country; mostly for opening the Pakistani economy to global cartels at the expense of domestic industry. He was also suspected---not without good reason---of being a tool of US interests. One historian stated that "By the 1990s, Aziz had established many notable contacts within the United States administration... Aziz had substantial access to the US Treasury, World Bank, and many other world financial institutions. Aziz worked closely with the United States in order to finance U.S. war games and operations. Aziz knew the volumes of secretive methods of transferring funds in and out of South Asia, particularly clandestine financing of nuclear weapons programs." I'll bet that guy has a lot of "long-term answers to the most challenging questions of the 21st Century." 

   Berggruen is divided into two subsections, its 'philosophic and cultural' arm which awards a million-dollar annual prize to "honor a living thinker whose ideas are of basic importance for contemporary life". Last year, the prize went to Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. This branch also runs a deal with Jeff Bezos for exclusive member op-eds in The Washington Post. The Cultural and Philosophic Division is led by MSM gadfly, Nathan Gardels. Gardels is a long-standing member of the Council on Foreign Relations and a Media Fellow at the WEF (Davos). During the 1980s, Gardels lived in the Soviet Union, allegedly doing 'research'. 

   Much more of a social menace is the Berggruen Governance Center, the other division. This group is headed by Berggruen himself and is subdivided into five sections working with various projects:

   1. The Future of Capitalism

   2. The Future of Democracy

   3. Geopolitics and Globalization

   4. The Berggruen China Center

   5. The Transformation of the Human

    The Future of Capitalism projects are overseen by Yakov Feygin, In May, he published an article which illustrates his ignorance of Economics more than anything else. Basically, he argued that the International Monetary Fund should take over much of the duties of the Federal Reserve Board to lessen the US Dollar's international economic power. The reason why this should happen? Well, because the Dollar represents classism. Feygin's stated goal at the Institute is establish a global currency.

   The Future of Democracy projects are led by Dawn Nakagawa, a career political activist. There are three projects they are working on. One is designing a strategy for creating social cohesion. This is chaired by a British Lord named Anthony Giddens---a former advisor to Tony Blair. Giddens is a radical sociology professor, a climate-change crank, and the author of several books pontificating upon how he believes society should be run. Most of his writings are gobbledygook and psychobabble, but his basic belief is that the Elites have an obligation to reorganize society through 'innovative means'---and basically dupe the public into thinking that it's all for their own good. 

   Concurrent with that project is a proposed reform of Social Media. The mission statement is self-explanatory: "How can we change the incentives for platforms in order to dampen its negative effects and heal the divisions? How can we harness technology to create a new democratic culture?" This project is chaired by Neocon author and anti-Trump ideologue, Francis Fukuyama. Fukuyama recently said in an interview that Joe Biden was "the right man for the job" of US President. 

   The aforementioned Nathan Gardels and former Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti co-chair a project with the ominous-sounding title of Redesigning Democratic Institutions. Monti is a consultant to the EU, a member of the Bilderberg Group and the Trilateral Commission. He's also worked as an International Consultant to Goldman-Sachs and the European Investment Bank. A British Baron, a neocon pundit, and a Euro-Elitist: this is the band of folks who are going to reform Democracy...

    The Institute's third focus group on Geopolitics and Globalization is probably the most dangerous of them all. This group is also known as The 21st Century Council has been set up to become a sort of shadow-version of the G20. Nicole Grunwald Silver---a vicious feminist who previously worked for the Clinton Foundation---is the Project Manager for this gang. An example of their clout can be read in a published demand to the G-20 for implementation of their COVID Scam policies. Note the members listed in this article.

  The Council's Mission Statement explains: "The G-20 has emerged at the formal governmental level as an embryonic institution of global governance that reflects the radical shifts underway in geopolitics. At the informal level, however, no such non-state organization that reflects these new realities has yet been established that can forge a global network of personal relationships, seek to influence policy decisions and help shape public opinion through moral suasion and the voice of reason and experience. To some extent, groups like the Bilderberg Conference or the Trilateral Commission did this for an earlier era, but are now outdated."

   For those who want to sneer about 'conspiracy theories' can there be any clearer statement of Berggruen's goals and intentions than this? As if to underscore the point, the founders of this abominable society don't even disguise how they intend to implement their programs: "What should distinguish this group from others like the InterAction Council, The Elders, the Club of Madrid or the Trilateral Commission would not only be that it seeks the participation of key Chinese figures of influence. Rather than address a host of ills as single issues, this group would address the relevant concerns in an integrative way that focuses on the structures of good governance. The group will also have an action-orientation. It will seek to accomplish what it proposes." {nota bene}

   This is representative of the New Breed of Think-Tank: one that doesn't stop at whispering in leaders' ears to give them inside information for temporary unfair advantages. These guys are out to impose their wills whatever the cost. 

   And it should be noted that---despite all of their pretenses about 'social justice'---no American ever elected these nitwits to do anything whatsoever on our behalf. Where does this Kraut Berggruen get off pushing his way into our country and throwing his weight around? Who's ever heard of him outside of Wall Street and the Deep State? Just like his comrade Soros, this would-be Kaiser needs to be bundled up with his foreign friends by ICE and shipped back overseas as Undesirable Aliens. 

  As if all of this weren't bad enough, the Berggruen China Center is a more recent collaboration between the Institute and the Communist Party of China. "The program brings together Chinese philosophers, scientists in artificial intelligence, robotics and life sciences, legal scholars as well as science fiction writers and artists to explore ways frontier technologies impact and reshape how we view humanity, the nature of life and examine their impact on human society and our relationships with machines and other beings." Yes! Yes! Because the Chinese have such a higher respect for Life, Liberty, & the Pursuit of Happiness than we Americans do! 

  This is the kind of thing that makes me believe that Berggruen is a drug addict. Nobody in their right mind could be this addled without chemicals.

  But Berggruen's Transformation of the Human projects are about the epitome of sick minds. The program is headed by a mad scientist from Canada named Tobias Rees.  "The Transformations of the Human program is designed as a philosophical study and artistic exploration of the manifold ways in which artificial intelligence and biotechnology challenge our established conceptions of what it means to be human. By placing philosophers and artists in key research sites to foster dialogue with technologists, the aim of the program is to render AI and Biotech visible as unusually potent experimental sites for reformulating our vocabulary for thinking about ourselves. The Transformations of the Human program ambition is to feed our findings back into the production of both artificial intelligence and biotech and to thereby contribute to both human and non-human flourishing."

    This mission statement doesn't even make sense, but that hasn't stopped the thugs in Silicon Valley from taking it and running with it. Rees is so utterly deluded that he actually writes that: "If we fail to embrace these differences today, and if we fail to recognize that radically new things are occurring, and fail to recognize the radically new as opportunities and responsibilities, we run the risk of leaving the definition of the world we live in to the conservative forces that stubbornly continue to try to frame our changing world in the terms of the old one. And that is a certain recipe for disaster." This is the language of a man who hates humanity. Rees is sort of a passive-aggressive version of the cinematic mad scientists who wanted to destroy the world. He doesn't want to destroy it, he wants to subordinate mankind to machinery.

    Only this time, it's for real. "When Covid-19 began to spread from bats to palm civets to pangolins to humans, we realized that we were witnessing a philosophical and poetic event," Rees rhapsodized in Art Forum Magazine last June, "A dramatic undoing, one in which humans are becoming undifferentiated from the microbial world we live in...To us, Covid-19 has been an opening––an invitation to rethink the human and technology in terms of the nonhuman. What new, alternative concept of the human, of nature, of technology would—could—emerge from Covid-19?

   "Most governments chose the opposite path: They seek to protect the human from nature; they shed not-self from self by closing their borders and by claiming that the virus comes from the bodies of foreigners—from the bodies of those who are 'too' close to nature, who live too close to animals, who are themselves more animal than human."

    What a sick man. In fact, the whole Berggruen Institute is a collection of sickos. Yet, if Constitutional Government is allowed to fall into the United States, these are whack-jobs that are going to be advising the New Order. If anybody doubts that, consider that they are the ones advising the Insurgents now. And it's not unheard-of that psychos like these haven't come to power before. 

     Just keep pretending that it can't happen here; and that's the best way to ensure that it will. Our enemies are determined not only to take our liberty, but our humanity as well. We've got to be just as determined to keep it. 


  1. 50 bucks says he's into sex with little boys. Another 50 says he's got something akin to a pedo-island.

    1. Epstein actually was recommended for membership on the 21st Century Council before the first time he was charged. It's not known whether he was turned down after his arrest or whether he was accepted and his name got scrubbed. Lately, they've been a bit secretive about who is in that particular division. You can find a lot of former members, but current ones are hard to track down.