Friday, August 25, 2017


     In the two weeks that have passed since Charlottesville, the cult around the Red Pill/Alt-Right are having problems. The private sector is cracking down on their behavior. Both President Trump and Vice-President Pence denounced them; and Attorney-General Sessions and Senator Cruz have been discussing a Congressional Inquest. This week, provocateurs Chris Cantwell and Kyle 'Based Stickman' Chapman found their ways into local jails after publically bragging about their crimes.

      The Manosphere leadership has suddenly changed its tune. Vox Day and Roosh V have been throwing their confederates under the bus as quickly as possible; while others like Chateau Heartiste and Matt Forney have been trying to tip-toe quietly away from the controversy.

      Vox Day's shameless poltroonery has been remarkable even by his already-low standards. Earlier this week, he published a letter to Cloudfare in which he claimed: "I am no fan of The Daily Stormer. It is obnoxious and its editor Andrew Anglin has attacked me on many occasions." But here's what he said just recently on Vox Populi:

       September 3rd, 2016: After publishing an excerpt from The Daily Stormer's ' Guide to the Alt-Right', Vox remarks:

      "A tendency to recoil delicately from anyone willing to articulate, let alone actually fight for, their people's own interests is one of the fatal flaws of Conservatism; which at its core is little more than an aesthetic philosophy of noble defeat."

    November 19th, 2016: On Ben Shapiro's criticism of Alt-Right/Red Pill Cult values, Vox writes:

     "It's all too typical that dishonest journalists will interview the enemies of Christianity and the Alt-Right rather than speak directly to anyone from me to Richard Spencer, to Greg Johnson, to Andrew Anglin."

    Vox has also been attacking Richard Spencer, a White Nationalist and MRA leader, with an I-never-had-anything-to-do-with-his-ilk air. Let's see what he said before, however:

    November 24th, 2016: Vox praises Roosh Valizideh for defending Richard Spencer's infamous Nazi salutes at a post-Election rally and says:

     "It is good to see that Roosh is a man of integrity. It has been fascinating to see him evolve from a petty PUA to an impressive philosopher."

     February 10th, 2017: In an interview with Jack Murphy, Vox claims that a White Ethno-State is inevitable and adds:

     "What I am discussing is about as optional as the Law of Gravity. What has fundamentally changed is the US itself, and the reason that people like Richard Spencer have been ignored by the Right is because they were pushed out and aside by people like William F. Buckley and the Conservative Movement. But those are the people who saw this coming."

      August 13th, 2017: On another Ben Shapiro article wherein Shapiro references Vox and Richard Spencer as the ideologues of the movement, Vox says:

      "That is all true...but our success is assured because Ben and the Cuckservatives will not lift a finger to defend White Americans."

      June 15th, 2017: On the Southern Baptist Convention's resolution denouncing Spencer's and Vox' heretical beliefs specifically naming them both as co-leaders of the White Identitarian cult, Vox says:

      "We (i.e. himself and Spencer) don't hate Conservative Christians, we simply reject them as potential allies because they are useless failures inclined to do more harm than good to the nation. Their Christianity is cucked and therefore dying."

       November 23rd, 2016: After Spencer's Nazi salutes brought down a denunciation from President Trump, Vox writes:

      "Richard Spencer didn't create the Alt-Right, he merely provided a nickname for an Alternative Right that's been around since William F. Buckley purged the John Birch Society. Hillary Clinton didn't speak it into existence. Donald Trump won't speak it out of existence."

      And then to compound his hypocrisy, Vox said today that Spencer had cheated 'a friend' out of wages for two years. "You guys know me." he said, "What are the chances I'd ignore someone doing something like that to a friend?"

       Well, just ask Anglin and Spencer how reliable 'allies' like Vox are to their 'friends'. He's even spreading anti-Spencer memes now.

        Not that we have any sympathy for Anglin or Spencer---in fact, we've been writing against them for some time. But at least they took the consequences for what they did and didn't run around throwing other Red Pills to the wolves to save their own skins. Which is more than we can say for Vox Day.



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