Wednesday, August 9, 2017


    Brooks Jennings, an official in the Chester County Pennsylvania Republican Party was gunned down at his home late Monday night by a neighbor, one Clayton Carter. Reports say that the Jennings family was harassed and threatened by Carter on numerous previous occasions---as were other neighbors. Jennings is survived by a wife and son.

     ABC-6 News reported that Carter's yard is "crowded with handmade anti-Trump signs."  Police say that he had a history of neighborhood disputes and there are some indications that he may have participated in some of the violent anti-Trump rallies in the Philadelphia Metro Area.

      The Media and local authorities have been downplaying the obvious political motivation in this murder. They want to deny the existence of another festering social problem in the United States. We've seen since the 2016 Elections onward---and a few even before---of politically-based violence. Last month's attempted mass-murder of the Congressional Republican leadership should have been a national wake-up call. Instead, the story was buried under a morass of anti-Trump propaganda and pop-culture fluff; as were stories of violent anti-Trump riots, assaults and threats against Republican officials, ambushes and murders of policemen, etc.

      There's been a measure of Far-Right violence too, much of it racially as well as politically charged. There's been some discussions around the Internet lately in so-called Alt-Right circles about a "coming Civil War." Anti-Catholic bigot Michael Savage recently spoke of such a possibility on his radio show recently. Such talk though has been floating around on extremist blogs for some time; most notably Chateau Heartiste, Vox Populi, The Daily Stormer, and Return of Kings.

      Despite many people's concerns, it is very unlikely that we will have anything like a Civil War in the United States. If we look at the bigger picture, the denizens of the Deep State are on the defensive---although the MSM tries to cultivate the opposite impression. Trump is not going to be brought down, nor are there any imminent coups, though there's plenty of political intrigue and internal sabotage going on. What Conservative activists need to do is stop worrying about another Fort Sumter and start getting behind the President and backing candidates who support his policies.

      The larger social problem is though that there's a bloodthirsty element on both the Far Left and Far Right that desires political violence from a variety of motives. On the Left there are people like Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow; on the Right people like Michael Savage and Vox Day---all of them putting out hysterical rhetoric that's designed only for one purpose. Their goal is to reach those teetering on the brink on mental breakdown like Clayton Carter and goad them into action. Then when violence happens, they wash their hands like Pontius Pilate and declare "I am innocent of the blood of this man."

       There needs to be a serious debate in this country about re-elevating the level of political discourse. Pope Francis so far has been the only world leader who's really made an issue of it. We don't need new laws, but what we do need are more leaders and writers willing to condemn these kinds of inflammatory words and behaviors. Society needs to push them back to the fringes where they belong and our legal system needs to make examples of people like Carter.   



  1. What a tragedy.

    Well said. We need to elevate our level of political discourse in this country. That's going to take some major leadership and people at the top setting a good example. You can't get rid of every nutjob, but as a general tone for the country at large, civility needs to rule the day. The alt right and the red pills, they have some real whack jobs attempting to radicalize people, but some of the Left are scary too, because they are so incoherent and hysterical. Kathy Griffin comes to mind. While she herself may not pose much of a threat, her attitude is contagious and lends a kind of permissiveness to what is obviously not okay.

    1. Today Vox Day was encouraging male radicalization in the Tech Industry over this whole Google fiasco. He said that the "Alt-Right is the only Right who fights." These guys sound more and more indistinguishable from Communists and Anarchists every day.