Wednesday, August 16, 2017


      Chris Cantwell has a colorful history among the Manosphere's Red Pill Cult. A former contributor at A Voice for Men and several other Manosphere sites; Cantwell more recently was involved with White Supremacist elements. As readers know, the Game/PUA movement has largely converged with racialist politics. Paul Ramsey, Steve Sailer, and Andrew Anglin are among many Manosphereans who used one movement as the gateway to the other.

      Cantwell went to Charlottesville, brandishing a pistol on video and boasting that he was "ready for violence." After the violence actually happened, Cantwell told interviewers that James Fields' car-attack was "justified." He also criticized President Trump and "the Jew Kushner" for condemning the Charlottesville violence.

       Today, Cantwell is a national laughing-stock after cracking up and bursting into hysterical tears on video claiming that he'd learned of an outstanding arrest warrant for him in connection with Charlottesville.

       "I dindu nuffin'!" Cantwell bellowed between sobs, "There's a State of Emergency and the National Guard is here! I don't think it would be wise for me to go outside!"

        Like every good Snowflake, Cantwell moaned some more about the injustice of it all: "I don't know what to do...I need guidance. I'm terrified! I think they're going to kill me!"

         I suppose that nobody should be surprised at hearing this kind of think from a Red Pill Manly Alpha Leader. After watching the shameless poltroonery of Vox Day, Mike Cernovich, Roosh Valizadeh and others this week; it's becoming painfully obvious to everyone that these characters are nothing but cowards, losers, and perverts---not leaders of men at all. They call us Cuckservatives and boast that they are "the Right who will fight." What a scam they've been running on vulnerable men.

         Cantwell wasn't through. A notorious troll himself, Cantwell was screeching about threats: "Our enemies will stop at nothing, they've been threatening us all over the place!" This is in response to a tweet from Bradley Manning.

         Ever the Red Pill cultist; Cantwell had to throw in the obligatory misogynist snort: "Somebody like Donald Trump, somebody who gives his daughter to a Jew: I don't think could feel the same way about race as I do and watch that Jew bastard Kushner walk around with that beautiful girl."

         The organizers of the Charlottesville Rally predicted that the event would be a 'turning- point for the movement.' It certainly has been---though not in the way they intended.

          Men who are vulnerable and feel slighted by society, take note. This movement is nothing but a cult; and their leaders are nothing but fakes. What to do? Work within the system. President Trump won a fair and free election that many thought impossible. It took work, time, and effort.

         There is no shortcut to success with work, women, or self-government. It's an old maxim but a true one: self-improvement is winning half the battle. Following charlatans like Cantwell is the road to ruin.

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