Sunday, August 13, 2017


    Details are slowly trickling in surrounding Saturday's horrific events in Charlottesville. Attorney-General Sessions issued a statement promising Federal help in investigating today's crimes. The car-attacker who mowed down demonstrators ISIS-style has been identified but few details have been released about him; and the cause of the police helicopter 'accident' is still under investigation.

     The biggest issue with Charlottesville is the so-called Alt-Right's complicity in this violence. As we've stressed repeatedly, those who call themselves politically Right must be held to higher standards of conduct and political discourse. We expect this kind of thuggish behavior because they have no logically defensible positions nor moral justifications for them---hence, they can only resort to force.

      Anyone who employs the same tactics and rhetorical devices as the Left, yet claims to be part of the Right is inherently being dishonest. Senator Orrin Hatch today recalled how his older brother was killed in action during WW2 and expressed his revulsion that those carrying Nazi flags claim to represent the true America. Those of us who had grandparents in WW2---grandparents who used to tell us stories about their grandparents in the Civil War---feel roughly the same about seeing Confederate flags employed for the same purpose. My great-great grandfather, for example, lost a thumb at Chickamauga and his brother came out of Andersonville permanently crippled from Dysentery. Though I understand the whole 'Southern Heritage' thing I can gather very little sympathy for Neo-Confederates.

     Although Saturday's events are still being analyzed, several Alt-Right and Red Pill bloggers are doubling-down. Here are some of their own words from today---illustrating even better than we could why Conservatives need to kick these punks back to the fringes and stand with Trump and Sessions in condemning them.

     A few of these worthies found humor in the situation. Some of their comedic talents are about on par with Stephen Colbert and Kathy Griffin.

     Social Extinction has a still photograph of the Dodge Challenger running down the crowd. He comments: "Good American steel. Make Dodge Great Again!"

     Aeoli Pera noted: "I am literally crying now. Tears of joy. The world has one less Communist in it".

      Those rib-splitting jokesters aside, others took a more serious stance:

     Daniel Friberg, a Swedish national and major financial sponsor of these Alt-Right cults was at the rally and tweeted: "The Nordic Alt-Right was on location in Charlottesville. It escalated into total Civil War."

      Here is an example of someone who needs his passport revoked and banned from entry into the country. This wouldn't be without precedent either---Friberg is close to being banned from Hungary and various other parts of Europe. We don't need foreigners here inciting civil wars, for certain.

       And then, barely two weeks after accusing the ADL of libel for labeling him part of the Alt-Right, Matt Forney wrote a long piece of fake news on Return of Kings. Citing such unimpeachable sources as Richard Spencer, David Duke, Jason Kessler and Tim 'Baked Alaska' Treadstone to the effect that the police were responsible for the violence. "A car drove through a crowd of Antifas, injuring several and killing at least one." he boldly states.

      But the crowd hit in fact was not Antifa, but a peaceful demonstration. Look at the video and see that none of the marchers are wearing Antifa colors nor committing any violent deeds.

      The aforementioned Mr. Alaska---recently banned from GoFundMe for trying to raise money for Charlottesville in violation of that website's policies, got pepper-sprayed by police during the riot. As with his account ban, he dindu nuffin' to deserve that sort of treatment. But according to Pax Dickinson, as reported to Vox Day, Dickinson, Baked Alaska, Richard Spencer, and Nathan Damigo were gassed after blockading police trying to disperse the crowd.

     Of course, Vox Day was whipping on the violence as much as possible too---from the safety of his Italian villa. He's giddy with hope that more men will be radicalized by today's events.

     "As always, people know nothing about PR, nothing about the media, and will cuck at the drop of a hat." He says this of Conservative critics. "Gamers are not dead, neither is the Alt-Right brand...the historical trends will sweep all of this before it. Diversity + Proximity= War."

     Cail Corbishev agrees: "I assume that those who think this was a disaster for the Alt-Right also think Kent State was a massive disaster for the Left."

     "No one here cares about you Conservatives." Michael Maier says, among Vox' comments. "You are pathetic cucks. You had better pray for a peaceful solution to the evil that satisfies us. Otherwise, the Alt-Right is going to prevail and you little b-----s will be crying and begging for mercy. It will not be forthcoming."

       Now why would anybody imagine that these guys weren't only seeking peaceful dialogue?

       And, last but not least, The Daily Stormer has such headlines as:

       "Car Rams into Counter-Protestors in Self-Defense"

       "Evil Cops Who Attacked Us Can't Fly a F----g Helicopter! 2 Dead in Crash"

        "Car Crasher Identified: Called a Terrorist by a Bunch of Republicans"

         Ever the pragmatist, though, Andrew Anglin tells his disciples in Charlottesville: "Go out and enjoy yourselves. If you're at a bar in a group, random girls will want to have sex with you. Because you're the bad boys; the ultimate enemy of the state. Every girl on the planet wants your d--k now."

         Who in their right mind would want jugheads like these even remotely near any cause they believed in? No, it's time---past time---for Conservative leaders to start putting their foot down on these kooks. Giving them a platform hasn't helped our side one iota.

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