Friday, August 11, 2017


     David Binkle, formerly Food Services Director for the Los Angeles Unified School District was indicted this week after the California OIG concluded that he had embezzled at least $65,000 in federal school lunch program funds. According to The Los Angeles Times, Binkle funneled the cash into his private business and personal bank account. He is charged with 15 counts of Embezzlement, Conflict of Interest, Misappropriation of Public Funds, Forgery, and Perjury.

       Such a sterling role model for American youth. Fairly typical of modern Academia, though.

       In 2014, Binkle was invited to the White House to help Michele Obama craft a proposal for new Federal School Lunch guidelines. The shameless hypocrite actually wrote an article on the former First Lady's website complaining of the supposed economic disparity "between the elites and the majority of students whom I serve."

       Beside his association with the Obamas, Binkle was also considered an expert on the school lunch program by the Corporate Media. He was regularly interviewed on CNN, PBS, ABC, NBC, and CBS. Here is an example of his culinary innovation in his own words: "Today we no longer serve items like flavored milk, chicken nuggets, corn-dogs, pizza, and nachos. Today what we do serve are atypical 'kid-friendly' items: edamame, jicama sticks, teriyaki chicken bowls, turkey and vegetarian burgers..." No wonder LAUSD has such a problem with truancy.

        Regardless of the quality of the food, the Federal School Lunch Program has a long-standing reputation for corruption. School districts typically farm out the contracts to shady food distribution rackets which buy inferior quality foods for pennies on the dollar; then gouging the taxpayers for the full market price. These politically-correct allegedly healthy regimens promoted by Obama and Binkle are the biggest scams of all since the market price for these exotic foods is much higher than hot dogs and potatoes.

       Obama's and Binkle's excuse for killing the taste-buds of a whole generation of schoolchildren is that American children are suffering from an epidemic of obesity. While the obesity epidemic is real, blaming school lunches is a lie. Obesity among schoolchildren is a direct result of Politically-Correct academic bureaucrats ending the mandatory physical fitness requirements that President Kennedy introduced in 1961. It seems only logical that children who don't exercise end up getting fat. While meals like Binkle introduced do kill one's appetite, it's not enough to stop an after-school rush to the nearest Burger King. 

       Another good idea might be that parents could start preparing lunches again and send kids to school with lunchboxes. That way, the parents would actually have some control over what their children consumed. But that would defeat the purpose of Modern Academia which is bitterly opposed to teaching self-reliance.

          Binkle's case is illustrative though of the kind of swamp-draining that public schools need---and need desperately.



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