Sunday, August 20, 2017


      Back before children's TV was featuring homosexual love scenes, most of it were stories with morals or designed to educate. One program I've remembered from those days---though I've long forgotten the title---was about an alien invasion of Earth.

      In the story, flying saucers were seen all over the place; and then giant aliens would appear out of nowhere, terrifying the Earth's population and securing obedience. None of our advanced weapons had any effect on these giants. An investigative reporter (we used to have those back then) got suspicious. He ended up finding a tiny spaceship hidden in a cabbage-field filled with ant-sized aliens who could project enormous holographic images of themselves. The reporter simply put the spaceship into a glass jar, popped on the lid, and the Reign of Terror was over.

       There's an important moral here for Conservatives.

       The denizens of the Deep State are like the puny aliens and the MSM and their Alt-RINO confederates on the Internet are like the holograph projector. We're seeing images of "a White House in turmoil," "Trump's collapsing approval ratings," "Hundreds of protestors in the streets," "Civil War 2.0," etc. All of this imagery is fake.

       White House personnel were changed, urban riots occurred, there were disagreements between the President and his own party in Congress all through Obama's term too. But Obama was no threat to the Deep State, so these issues were covered up. Many have forgotten that the 2009 Stimulus Package and Obamacare were revised considerably by Congressional Democrats before being passed. The 2014 Ferguson Riots were far worse than Charlottesville. Many of Obama's advisors were not only forced from power but ended up in jail---far more serious than the phony connections Trump's people supposedly have.

       We're hearing all of these coordinated attacks on President Trump because the Deep State and their Left-Wing foot-soldiers are losing. The Trump Administration has a long way to go; but it's moving on the right track, generally speaking. All leading economic indicators except the Dollar-value have been going up; and even the Dollar has been fluctuating. A Chinese corporation even recently announced it was moving from China to the US! Trump has opened new trade-deals and he hasn't even introduced a formal economic plan yet.

        The MSM is focusing on the personnel leaving the Administration without a peep about the Administration's swamp-draining crackdown on corrupt bureaucrats and contractors. Nor have they talked about the successes of fighting gangs and the Opioid Epidemic. Nor that since Trump eliminated support for Obama's 'moderate rebels' in Syria, ISIS is being completed routed.

       So when Monday morning rolls around and the MSM are on one of their usual tirades, remember that this is all an illusion being projected by a bunch of puny pygmies. Those of us who remember Reagan recall that his 'downfall' was just around the corner---for eight straight years. Oh, and Bush 'stole the election' too. He was 'not my President' and the target of 'resistance' for eight straight years and two terms.

       President Trump isn't going anywhere either. It's up to us to keep fighting for his agenda throughout this year and 2018.

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