Thursday, August 31, 2017


       During the era of the Deep State---and especially during the Obama Administration---there were active efforts to spread American Cultural Marxism, and Trash Culture generally---to other countries. Forcing homosexual so-called 'marriage' on other nations was a huge part of Obama/Clinton/Kerry foreign policy. Several countries were especially pressured; among them Israel.

       Today, however, Israel joined a growing number of Western countries pushing back against the American Left's to corrupt marriage. Outside of a vocal (and mostly foreign-financed) homosexual enclave in Tel Aviv, most Israelis are disgusted and repulsed by these assaults on their traditions. The issue finally went to the Israeli Supreme Court, which ruled that the Israeli Government had no constitutional authority to legalize homosexual unions.

        Justice Eliakim Rubenstein issued a statement saying: "For all intents and purposes, Israeli Civil Law does not recognize same-sex marriage. Therefore, the petitioners' request to have the civil courts rule on something under the jurisdiction of the rabbinical courts, which applies under certain conditions is not applicable here. In essence, the petitioners are asking the court to recognize same-sex marriage via court ruling, in spite of the fact that Israeli Law does not recognize it. Under Israeli Law, rabbinical courts hold the final word on marriages; and since the Supreme Court is not an ecclesiastical institution, it has no jurisdiction to allow such a ruling."

        The Israeli Supreme Court decision was unanimous, and it was a brilliant ruling. Unlike Israel, most Western countries do not have ecclesiastical courts; but the important thing was that the judges recognized that marriage is fundamentally a religious function. Although the decision referenced Rabbinical Courts, it applies by extension to Israeli Christians and Moslems.

        We've seen in Western Countries how ignoring this distinction has brought violations of human rights down upon the majority. In some European countries, churches are forced to perform homosexual 'marriages' regardless of their policies. In North America, businesses and individuals are deprived of Right of Conscience and Freedom of Association by being forced to cater to homosexuals. In all cases, taxpayers and public educators are forced to accept and to promote homosexuality. In some US states, it is now illegal for parents to seek pastoral counseling if their offspring become homosexual.

        Israel has avoided all of these injustices. It would be an interesting legal experiment to employ their precedent to overturn the US Supreme Court decision on the subject. Under American Law, the case could arguably be made that the ruling is in violation of the 1st Amendment's prohibition against Establishment of Religion. The argument could be that Freedom of Religion is compromised by forcing recognition of what is essentially a religious rite upon those whose religion forbids it.

         In any case, congratulations to Israel for standing up and defending their culture and society.

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