Thursday, August 24, 2017


    It's about time this started happening. After a four-year term that saw four warships wrecked, several aircraft crashes, numerous security breaches, two wrongfully-accused sailors getting their sentences overturned, the loss of two foreign bases because of military misconduct, training-pilots refusing to fly because of unsafe aircraft, and the Fat Leonard scandal---after all of this, the Pentagon pinheads finally decided that Vice-Admiral Joseph Aucoin was unfit to command the US 7th Fleet.

    Aucoin was disgraced on Tuesday upon the recommendation of his superiors. Given his superiors' own incompetence, that is saying a lot.

    Aucoin was appointed by Obama in 2013. His primary duties seem to have been related to personnel management. That is, enforcing Obama's and Mabus' plans to 'integrate' more women and homosexuals into the fleet. Mabus, it will be recalled, was committed to ending the Culture of Masculinity in the Navy. Admirals like Aucoin were the result of that policy.

     RINO Defense Secretary Mattis appointed Vice-Admiral Phillip Sawyer in Aucoin's place. Despite Mattis' inclinations, Admiral Sawyer actually seems like a very good choice. Sawyer is a 34-year Navy veteran whom---despite having served under Deep State Administrations--- has a service record largely untainted by political posturing. He is a graduate of Annapolis' once-rigorous engineering program and has spent most of his career in the Submarine Service. He's also considered an expert on Counter-Terrorism and has served as a staff officer on Naval Anti-Terrorism commissions between submarine duties.

      This is the kind of thing that we need much more of from the Pentagon. It's a vast swamp in need of draining in its own right; and the Navy is probably the worst part of that particular swamp and the 7th Fleet especially has definite problems. These Obama-appointed commanders need to be replaced as soon as possible.

       The 7th Fleet is responsible for defending US interests in the Pacific. China, Japan, India, and Russia have been increasing their own naval presences in the region. This situation is due entirely to the power-vacuum that Obama created in the region. That's not to say that these countries haven't the right to expand their navies and defend their own national interests. But the situation in the Pacific is unique in that the US naval presence actually does maintain a balance of power there, and has since the mid-19th Century. The geopolitics are complicated; but absent the US Fleet, this vital region would quickly turn into a war-zone as happened after Pearl Harbor.

      The Clinton-Bush-Obama policy of using the Military as a social experimental field has to come to an end. We need a military of fighting men again. Admiral Sawyer's appointment seems to be a good start.


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