Thursday, August 17, 2017


     While citizens of the Prozac Nation spent the better part of the week rampaging through public parks and killing each other over statues, the US Justice Department was on the job. Attorney-General Sessions announced today the expansion of the Tribal Access Program, designed to address long-standing crime issues on American Indian Reservations. The program was the result of a project Sessions launched a few months to collect concerns of Indian leaders. Preoccupied with trying to incite a Race War, however, the Corporate Media ignored the story.

       Under the Era of the Deep State, TAP was handicapped by jurisdictional 'turf wars' between the Department of Justice and the Bureau of Indian Affairs. After President Trump declared a State of Emergency relative to the Opioid Crisis, Sessions was empowered to deal directly with Tribal Law Enforcement; bypassing the BIA bureaucrats.

       The problem was so bad that Tribal Police didn't even have direct access to national crime information databases---something nearly every local police department has. In addition to fighting narcotics abuse, TAP will expand to cover crimes against children and sex trafficking. These latter two expansions were included at the request of American Indian leaders who stated that both are serious issues on the Reservations.

       What the new policy essentially does is to raise tribal police to a position of equality with other law enforcement agencies and open Federal resources to reservations on an equal level with other communities. So much for the supposed 'white supremacist tendencies' of the Trump Administration.

         Beginning yesterday, any federally-recognized tribe is eligible to join TAP, Joint federal conferences in Anchorage and Sacramento this month dealing with the Opioid Crisis on tribal lands. The Office of Victims of Crime (OVC) announced too the opening of three offices in Seattle, Albuquerque, and Chicago where they and tribal leaders will develop a plan to "provide American Indian victims of sex trafficking with culturally appropriate, comprehensive victim services." Again, something else the supposedly 'multi-cultural' Liberal Deep State never thought of doing. 

         Remember that these are the kinds of policies that the Corporate Media and the anti-Trump 'Resistance' (whom every day are becoming mutually indistinguishable) want to see stopped. Their continual opposition to effective law enforcement ought to raise questions about why they really desire its absence. It may be a coincidence, but it seems that every time that the Trump Administration strikes a heavy blow to organized crime, Liberal anti-Trump stridency goes up correspondingly. The reader can draw his own conclusions from that observation.


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