Tuesday, August 22, 2017


    Since President Trump took office, the US Department of Justice has turned into a juggernaut; crushing everything from institutional government corruption to thuggish street gangs under its wheels. Late last week, Attorney-General Jeff Sessions took the steamroller on the road to Winston-Salem, North Carolina where he addressed a symposium hosted by the NC Gang Investigators' Association.

      Sessions made an especial point to talk about recent Federal movements against the MS-13 gang; an especially vicious collection of thugs estimated to have around 40,000 members worldwide. (As a comparison, ISIS was believed to have about 90,000 members at its peak in 2014). Around 25% of that number is operating in the United States. They are headquartered in the tiny nation of El Salvador, one of the Banana Republics in Central America. Sessions made the following announcement:

       "Several weeks ago, I visited El Salvador and met with their Justice Minister General Douglas Melendez. We discussed a joint effort to cut off MS-13 at its roots, and we put our plans into action. Within a span of just 48 hours, approximately 700 gang members and leaders were rounded up in El Salvador. That is 700 gangsters who will never reach American shores and replenish the cliques that we are dismantling and whose members we are incarcerating."  

        One would think that news like this would make headlines; but the Corporate Media seemingly thought it unworthy of attention. And worse still, so-called 'community leaders' and their fanatical followers are rampaging through the city streets tearing down and desecrating every statue in their path that offends them. This barbarian-level iconoclasm is the most ridiculous controversy to hit America since last year's brouhaha over gender-neutral toilets.

        Why aren't these 'activists' joining hands with Trump and Sessions and helping them free their communities of gangland terrorism and Opioid addiction? Instead of combing city parks looking for some obscure monument to become outraged over; why don't they help the police and FBI root out the scum who've made their neighborhoods crime-infested cesspools?

         Sessions described MS-13 as follows: "MS-13 members brutally rape, extort, and murder. MS-13 has murdered and permanently disfigured innocent bystanders to their crimes. They have attacked innocent people with chains, bats, and machetes. They destroy the lives of the middle-schoolers they recruit and the young girls they entrap, gang rape, and sell for sex; as well as the drug addicts whom they exploit for profit. Guided by their motto 'Kill, Rape, and Control' they leave misery, death, and devastation in their wake."

       And that is what these whacko Left-Wing 'activists' consider less important than some inanimate statue in their neighborhoods. This is what the 'Resistance' wants to empower again by overthrowing Trump. They would have us go back to the Dark Days of the Deep State when people like Obama, Holder, and Lynch were in denial that the gang problem even existed.

       Sessions told the police officers in attendance an entirely different thing than what they've heard from previous administrations. And it was no doubt a refreshing change:

       "We will not let up. We will combat this threat, take the fight to them, and devastate their criminal enterprises. We refuse to cede one block, one street corner, one inch to these gangs. They must never assert their sovereignty over American soil. It will not be easy. But I have complete faith in our prosecutors and our law enforcement. That is the work waiting for us when we leave this conference. As you go back to your patrols or back to your desks, I want you to remember this: Every day at the Department of Justice we recognize the vital work that you do. We honor your mission and we will always have your backs."

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